Top 5 Travel Essentials to get this Summer (All Under RM100!)

Summer is here! What? Don't come telling me there's no summer in Malaysia. Who am I joking? It's panas dan lembap sepanjang tahun in Malaysia, so practically we have summer all year round... thus, this post is actually relevant whenever you read it!

Anyway, recently I have a lot of friends who have been travelling. Some told me about their plans to travel in the coming weeks and one of them actually asked me to suggest on what to bring along for their trip. The first thing that came to my mind was - a camera of course! Then, I also reminded her to bring along her powerbank, which to my horror she told me she doesn't have! Gosh, how does one live without a powerbank nowadays? So, anyway I thought about the list of things I want to bring as well because I'm going for a short getaway myself. And here are the top 5 things I will want to get to make the travelling experience even better!

Clockwise from top:
1. Pineng 10000mAh Powerbank (link)
2. Checkered Pim Sole Loafers (link)
3. Corey Bamboo Wayfarer Leopard Frame with UV400 Brown Lens (link)
4. Golla iPad Mini Envelope (link)
5. Red British Envelope Retro Backpack (link

1. Pineng 10000mAh Powerbank (RM49.98)
Well, I currently already have a powerbank of my own but then my siblings don't have one themselves. I figure when travelling, we won't really have time to charge our phones and stuff so gettng another powerbank would be really handy! 10000mAh will be sufficient for at least 3-4 charges so that could last my phone at least 1-2 days, which is really really important being a social media freak. I have to constantly check on my FB and Insta, y'know?

2. Checkered Pim Sole Loafers (RM89.00)
When travelling, the most important aspect is about the walking. Most likely I won't be sitting around to play with my phone right? So I really think that it's really important to get a pair of comfortable shoes that I can walk for hours and not feel any kind of pain or discomfort. I bet the Checkered Pim Sole Loafers will be such a good pair of shoes that I will wear almost everyday just because it's so comfortable!

3. Corey Bamboo Wayfarer Leopard Frame with UV400 Brown Lens (RM50.00)
Another essential when travelling is of course to get a pair of good sunglasses! The Corey Bamboo Wayfarer Leopard Frame with UV400 Brown Lens is not only stylish and comfortable (being so light-weighted) but it also provides UV protection. That's super awesome. Now I can look good in shades, take awesome selfies and not worry about getting harmed by UV rays. Cool.

4. Golla iPad Mini Envelope (RM99.00)
It's time to get a nice and brand new little clothing for the iPad Mini at home so that I can bring it out when travelling, and finally I don't have to be ashamed of the current clothing that it's in now (a rather sad state actually). I really like the sleek design and even though it's just synthetic leather, I think it's good enough to last a long time. If I wanna travel in style, I gotta pamper my little gadget too, right?

5. Red British Envelope Retro Backpack (RM89.00)
I have been searching high and low for a new backpack for the last few months but couldn't let myself to buy a new one for myself because I didn't have any real reasons to buy another bag. But then! If I want to go travel, I'm pretty sure this backpack will serve me well being lightweight and plus it looks so good! It can even fit a laptop but of course I'm not gonna bring any when I'm going to travel but that means I have ample space to stuffs like water bottle and others.

So there you have it. My top 5 travel essentials to get this summer and it's all under RM100! What do you bring when you travel or what do you want to get to enhance your travelling experiences? Share with me!


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Pasarbella @ The Grandstand, Singapore: The Food Paradise!

One of the highlights in my recent trip to Singapore is definitely going to Pasarbella, a premium grocery shopping destination that hosts more than 30 stores.

Getting to Pasarbella quickly puts me into tourist mode and go snapping around. The place is gorgeous with its rustic interiors and plenty of yellow lighting. It's really pretty and you can imagine the ambiance here, but the lighting puts my camera to test, and I was without my flash. 

Most of the traders here have their own unique selling points - from fresh seafood to pies to American steaks and more. It's such a nice place to be in, reminds me of Marche Restaurants (and Malaysia's only outlet recently closed down, so sad).

The place was quite empty at first and there are plenty of tables and chairs around. Unsurprisingly, Pasarbella got really crowded approaching the peak hour (lunch time) but from my observation there's enough space for everyone to get seated. 

Perhaps one of the most popular trader at Pasarbella is Le Patio as it constantly becomes the center of attraction with its attention-grabbing paella.

Yaroa from Sea Salt Caribbean Deli

A plate of Yaroa and 2 boxes of paella for the 5 of us. 

Yaroa, a three-meat platter consisting of pulled pork, beef and roasted chicken. The beef was excellent! It's like eating sashimi that's made of beef. Everything from the paella box just tastes wonderful. I can just eat the rice all day long.

Naomi (chocolate cake with rum) from Laman's Delight

Chocolate was sweet and the rum in the cake was just right, not too overwhelming with alcohol and complements well with the chocolate. 

As mentioned earlier, Pasarbella is a premium destination so things are priced on the upper side here. So, you can imagine how quick my money depleted because I'm a fellow Malaysian who found myself at Singapore. However, just ignoring my kiamsiap self and refuse to convert how much i spent, dollar-to-dollar wise I still find the price to be rather reasonable. Spent 13SGD for a hearty and satisfying meal, not bad what?

One thing though, I came out of Pasarbella smelling like food. Hah, it's one of my pet peeves so I just wished the ventilation was better. But overall, I like this place!

Food: MAD About Coco, Fahrenheit 88 Shopping Mall

MAD About Coco is no stranger in the dessert business in Klang Valley as it has been around for more than 1 year now. After the opening of its first hugely successful outlet in Publika, Solaris Dutamas, MAD About Coco has opened a second outlet at the heart of Kuala Lumpur in Fahrenheit 88 Shopping Mall.

It's easy to remember MAD About Coco. Tiffany blue and pink theme, and its cute Afro logo is sure to attract people's attention.

If you guessed that MAD About Coco features chocolates, you are absolutely right. Chocolate is definitely the main thing here as the bestsellers are everything chocolate!

MAD About Coco

MAD About Coco's signature dessert shares the same name as the store. It is a chocolate moist cake served with strawberry and pure melted chocolate. Remember to pour the pure melted chocolate immediately after it is served because...

... this would happen. Look at that heart shape! Unlike the typical chocolate molten lava cake where chocolate oozes out of the cake, MAD About Coco is the exact opposite, where the chocolate oozes into the chocolate moist cake. Super good, especially when the chocolate is still hot.

Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball. 

Another must-order when you're at MAD About Coco is its Innocent Devil Tiramisu Ball. Like the signature dish, remember to pour the melted chocolate on the chocolate ball before eating. The delicate ball will then disintegrate and then you can just scoop it up to eat - melting chocolate and tiramisu goodness.

One of my favourites from MAD About Coco is its I Heart Churros. The churros, coated with Cinnamon sugar, deserves special mention for its crispiness and texture. Some may find the Cinnamon sugar too much to go together with the chocolate sauce, so customers actually have the option to order the churros with or without Cinnamon sugar.

Tutti Fruitti Waffles for two. 

Two freshly made Belgian Waffles served with strawberry, banana and ice cream with pure melted chocolate. There are only two flavours of ice cream available at MAD About Coco - chocolate and vanilla, and they are imported ice creams. Simple but delicious dessert as the waffles is fresh and soft in the inside.

Chocolate Banana Crepe. The chocolate banana crepe is made of freshly made crepe with banana, peanut butter and pure melted chocolate. MAD About Coco gave enough thought to put peanut butter to one side knowing some may have allergies or dislike peanut butter. As it is a dessert catered for 2 persons, people usually order this to share and some may have different food preference. This is definitely a well-thought move. I love peanut butter, and loved the combination of it with chocolate and the banana.

Affogato Cronut Sundae. 

The Affogato Cronut Sundae is basically a croissant-doughnut with double shots of espresso and served with ice cream on top. We thought the cronut was a little hard and preferred to have it softer, and as a non-coffee drinker myself, I find the cronut to be quite bitter after putting the espresso. This is my least favourite but I got to know that a cronut is not an easy thing to make.

I tried the Traditional Chocolate Frappe, which is essentially MAD About Coco's iced chocolate drink. The drink wasn't very sweet and I preferred it to be more chocolatey. The drinks here are rather interesting and definitely worth to give a try. It will be also good to request for plain water, just in case you've too much sweet things in one go.

Trying to fit everything into one table :)

Coco's Bolognese

MAD About Coco is not all desserts though. If you are to have a meal here, they do have pastas and savoury dishes although choices may be very limited. One of the recommended dish was Coco's Bolognese. There's a little spiciness to the Traditional Bolognese sauce thanks to the little cili padi. 

I like the desserts here. The chocolates are from Belgium whereas cocoa powder from France. Oftentime I find that chocolate desserts are overwhelmingly sweet but here at MAD About Coco, they bring a good balance of sweetness - sweet enough for your indulgence, yet the sweetness seem to be on the moderation level.

Food: 6.5/10 
Service: 5.5/10 
Value: 6/10 
Atmosphere: 7.5/10 

MAD About Coco
Fahrenheit 88 KL,
Lot 01-03, 
Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.
FB: Mad About Coco