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Losing One Tooth

I can't remember when was the last time I had my tooth extracted but I just underwent a wisdom tooth surgery yesterday with my regular dentist and it was a pleasant experience. I'm pretty sure you don't always hear pleasant and surgery together in one sentence but truth is, I've heard too many horror stories about wisdom tooth and the surgeries, so now I'm actually grateful that I have felt no pain at all to this point (after 36 hours). 
Of course, my face (inner mouth gum?) is swollen as heck and I have difficulty opening my mouth that my lips are beginning to bleed a bit from the tension during the surgery and all, but it's kinda small matter, really. 
It was a long journey before this surgery happened. I had to visit 2 different dentists at 2 different clinics - both were my first visit to the dentists -  because my regular dentist is so popular that it is difficult to get an appointment with him. To my disappointment, both dentists that I visited were inex…

CNY Kambing

Two weeks without an update, omg!

Well, nothing much is happening here. Mostly because I am busy with my thesis but also just procrastinating. I'm behind my the schedule I've set for myself and it's time to buck up. Though I'm only taking 3 subjects this semester, which comparatively is much lesser than usual as I took 5 subjects at least during long semester, but this thesis thing is making my life hard. First, it's because it's been awhile since I wrote a proper research paper and secondly, although it's compulsory for us to write a thesis paper but we're not really prepared well during the 3-year course. #honest

Anyway, Chinese New Year is around the corner and everyday my mum is busy making cookies and all them Chinese New Year delicacies.

Everyday I can smell and see, but cannot eat.