One More Day!

My favourite part of the year is here! The Christmas season and my semester break :D Actually I still have one last paper tomorrow but I'm feeling rather chill about it.

Can't believe by tomorrow I'll be done with my semester - took 5 subs along with part time internship and thesis part 1. I'm glad everything went quite well though it was really stressful in the last few weeks. Christmas season is also the busiest month of the year. This year, I have additional goals that I would like to achieve: finish up my internship report and make progress with my thesis. I do hope I can accomplish them. You can say it's my end-year resolution.

Also, I've been meaning to update more on this blog with more meaningful posts but I want to refrain from making reckless verbal diarrhoea here.

This time of the year is often the time I make the most reflection. What have I achieved? Am I one step closer to become more like Jesus? What do I want to do in the next year? And more thoughts like that.

I think 2014 has been the year where I have some real issues with regrets. I regret for not taking the opportunities given to me. I regret for saying all the wrong things. I regret for acting rashly. I regret I've not been more compassionate.

But anyway, I've learnt a great deal in becoming a better person. And with that, I hope to become wiser and more mature.

Ok enough!

Till the next post! :)

First Look: Herringbone Atlantis Small Black Bag

I know I'm a little crazy considering the number of camera bags I have lying around at home but... I just got myself a Herringbone Atlantis Small Black. Eh, this move was justified cause there was sale ok. D: And other reasons include: The other bags are either too small or too big for my usage :P 

If you've heard about Billingham camera bags - superb quality but also outrageously expensive - then you'd realized that Herringbone Atlantis bags kinda resembles Billingham's Hadley line up. And it's set at a more "reasonable" and "affordable" price - especially with the discount that I got :P

Comparison with the previously owned Herringbone Atlantis Medium Brown bag which I already sold. Quite a huge size difference, especially when I'm carrying it around.

The Atlantis small bag size is pretty good and I like it so far. I can fit all my photography gears in the bag plus my purse, my phone and even a powerbank. Plenty of space. Maybe I'll make another post on that to show you how it looks like.

Till then!

Motorola Moto G TPU Bumper Case - Super Cheap!

Remember I did a quick review on some cases/covers I got for my Moto G here? Well, most of them have their own pros and cons, and I kept searching for a better one. I was using the generic TPU case most of the time but I was getting more and more annoyed that bubbles kept forming at pressure points. I was tempted to get the original Moto G Shell Grip but it's too costly.

So, I got this generic hybrid TPU bumper from Lelong at RM12 (excluding postage) instead. It's available in six colours. Contemplated on what colour to get and at last I chose yellow. Now my phone looks like bumblebee or something.

As you can see from the pictures, almost all have accurate cuts except the microphone on the top of the phone. But not too bad.

The verdict? I'm loving it so far! The buttons are easy to press and I like the feel of the phone in my hands now. Also loving that I can feel the back of the original Moto G shell, which feels good. :D Wondering if I should dig out the lime Moto G shell that I have and see if it blends well with the yellow bumper case now :P

Rearranging Display

Just suddenly felt like rearranging my display cabinet at home because it was starting to get a little too congested and cluttered. So I took out almost everything and packed some into boxes. D:

The outcome:

Okay, gotta start to get a little more focused on what to collect. Just aluminium bottles now perhaps? :1