First Look: Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10400mAh

Finally got myself Xiaomi's Mi Power Bank. Many thanks to Debra for helping me secure one exclusive unit at only RM 36! It was difficult to get a unit directly from Xiaomi because they only sell limited units at a certain time and it's usually sold out within 1-2 minutes after the sale period is open. Crazy? Smart marketing tactic nevertheless, creating so much hype.

The items you find in the box are pretty straight forward. The power bank itself, a (pretty short) micro USB cable and a user guide. Unfortunately, as you can see, no charger is included but for RM 36, I did not really expect to find one.

I've yet to really use the power bank yet. I hope to make a review soon after this. I hope.

Till then!

Adidas Blogger Cup #8 (FINALE)

Hi everyone! We're into the best part of the World Cup right now - are you favourite teams in the last 16? :D We've also reached the end of the #adidasbloggercup. This is the final round of the campaign. 

To stand a chance to win this last round, just answer this final question found in the image below. Simply submit your answer in the form provided via the app found in this blogpost (scroll down, it's after the video). 

Again, the question is SUPER easy!

Hint to answer: 
1. The answer is about the man in the video.
2. Mi_ _ _l_v  K_ _ _e 

As usual, do remember to put "" as the blog you are entering from!

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 8)


I'm still second. :) Thank you everyone for participating and I certainly hope you have fun in the last month! See you soon :D

Knowing Yourself

Is it me or do I see many psychology majors in my uni are planning to take a different path right after they finish their degree? Some that I've noticed include venturing into music, entrepreneurship, the Youtube trend (making videos) and photography. So it leaves me wondering, why do these bunch of students took up psychology in the first place?

Actually I've asked this question many times to friends and acquaintances that I've known. And most of the answers were, "I want to know myself better". I was really surprised because it was not something that I would have expected from people who are studying about human mental functions and behavior. You mean the main reason they have took up this course was because they wanted more information about themselves? 

After almost three years now, I guess they finally know themselves better (thanks to the course?) and also they finally know what they want because like I said, they are looking forward to a different future after degree. One thing that I observed from these individuals are the fact they are not interested in the course anymore, even going as far to say that they are beginning to "lose the passion" for psychology.

Their passion in different things besides psychology is obvious. Just take a look at the things they posted on Facebook. Like many people, they are looking to make a name for themselves. These are students who are actively involved in various activities in and out of university, seeking new opportunities. And then it leaves me thinking - aiya, they should have taken up communication and I wonder why they did not. Many things that these people are doing are very much related to communication and media. 

Anyway, just penning my thoughts here. My friends and I from the communication department are on the right path because what we plan to do after this is related to our degree. On a side note, I think communication students got to be prepared because if the psychology students are sticking to their plans, they will be out to steal our jobs :P

Adidas Blogger Cup #7

Shocking! Spain, defending champions of World Cup has crashed out! That was quick :( RIP tiki-taka.

Anyway, here's question no. 7 for the #adidasbloggercup. Just answer the question (found in the picture below) and answer it using the app found at the bottom of this post to stand a chance to win some cool stuff from adidas. I think this is by far the EASIEST question! OMG :D Go get them goodies from adidas, like, NOW!

Hint to answer: The answer is about the man in the video.

Do remember to put "" as the blog you are entering from in the form below :)

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 7)

All the best everyone. Cheers! Just ONE more question left for this #adidasbloggercup campaign. See you on Tuesday for the final round!

My First Perk from Klout

I received my first perk from Klout two days ago! What's a Klout perk, you ask? Perks are exclusive rewards given to to content creators. So, I got actually received a perk from Klout - free business card from Moo Business Cards #mooperk. The ETA for shipping was supposed to be next week but I guess it came one week early. 

I really love the packaging. The paper box's really cool.

Hahaha, there's a Klout logo on every card since it's free. I only had to pay for the shipping. Still pretty happy about it. I've been wanting to get business cards for awhile now. I did the design stuff myself. It's not the best but this will work for now.

Adidas Blogger Cup #6

Hi everyone! I'm delighted that the Germany team won Portugal this morning :P Anyway, it's Tuesday today, so it means another question for the #adidasbloggercup! Answer the question found on the image below and scroll down to answer it via the app provided at the end of the post. You can also find some useful tips in this post :D

HINT: The answer is about the pattern on the boot. 
POWER TIP: Compare the black and white pattern on the shoes. 

Don't forget to put "" as the blog you are entering from!

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 6)

All the best everyone! :D Come back on Thursday for the next question ;)

See You

It's a different kind of Father's Day today. We had our early celebration last weekend instead. Watched X-Men (finally) and had our favourite Sushi Zanmai for dinner. Simple stuff but good enough. And oh, somebody remind me to watch all of the movies in the X-Men franchise please.

 Jie left for US to further her studies yesterday night. I miss her.

Take care, jie. You can continue to stalk my blog and I'll see if I want to include some shameless stuff here. I love you. 

Adidas Blogger Cup #5

Question #5 for the #adidasbloggercup is up! Just three more questions after this. For those who are here for the first time, my blog is currently participating in this campaign where Adidas is giving out some super cool prizes by just answering one question! Answer the question in the app that you can find at the end of this blogpost. Easy peasy!

HINT! The answer is on the t-shirt. :D

Do remember to put "" as the blog you are entering from!

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 5)

All the best everyone! Three more questions to go :)

Adidas Blogger Cup #4

Hi people! Sorry for the slight delay but Q4 for the #adidasbloggercup is now up and running! Answer the question in the app below the image. 

Clue: One country begins with the letter J (5 letter name) and the other is ME (6 letter name)

Do remember to put "" as the blog you are entering from. Appreciate it very much :)

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 4)

For those of you who have entered the previous rounds, you should receive an email from the organisers. Here are the answers for Q1 and Q2: 
Q1: Die Nationalmannschaft
Q2: Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Mesut Ozil, Dani Alves, Oscar dos Santos

Just an update: As of now, I'm currently second on the leaderboard. Let's see if I can go up and take the first spot but I'll need all of your help. Thanks again everyone and all the best! :) Remember to come back on Thursday for the next question :D

Coca-Cola Coke Aluminium Bottle Limited Edition Thailand FIFA 2014

Yay! Managed to get this limited edition set from one of the Coke collector.

It's Coca-Cola collaboration with 7-Eleven in Thailand. There are another 2 box set but I'm really broke now. Most of these are sold out (coz kena sapu by all them collectors, ish). On top of these box sets, there are also other designs (cans, not bottles) in Thailand. 

Soooo.. I'm really disappointed that Malaysia has only one design for glass bottle and one design for cans. OH WHY. I wanna go and live in Thailand or something. :P

Anyway, I'm still looking to collect more FIFA World Cup bottles and cans. If you're going overseas or something, please get me one. Imma pay you back! :3

Adidas Blogger Cup #3

Happy midweek everyone!

As mentioned in my previous posts, here's another question for the #adidasbloggercup. Just answer the simple question below and stand a chance to win super cool prizes from Adidas! Not to mention, you will also get a promo code when you answer the question correctly :)

Watch this video below to get the clue to the answer! 

As usual, answer the question using the app below. Remember to put "" as the blog you are entering from. Cheers!

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 3)

All the best and see you again next Tuesday. Hehe.

Adidas Blogger Cup #2

As some of you might already know, is part of the #adidasBloggerCup campaign. Every Tuesday and Thursday in the next few weeks, I'll post up a question here and you just need to answer a simple question to win really cool prizes from Adidas!

You will also win a promo code as long as you answer the question correctly. Easy? So here's question 2! (PS: Click on the image for clues!)

To make things even easier for you, here's another clue: just watch the video below :D

Last but not least, remember to submit your answers in the app below. Please enter "" as the blog you are entering from. Cheers!

adidas Blogger Cup

All the best everyone! Come back on Thursday for question 3!