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Adidas Blogger Cup #1

Yeap! I'm part of the #adidasBloggerCup. Join the contest which runs from May 29, 2014 till June 24, 2014 and win super cool adidas football jerseys and more :D
Every Tuesday and Thursday during the contest period, a total of eight questions will be posted here. In fact the first question is already up on this post! Quick answer the question below (P.S: There's even a clue, just click on the picture for it!)

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List of Cafes/Coffee Places in Klang Valley (More than 100++ Destinations!)

(List last updated: 15th April 2015 - now with more than 150++ destinations!)

I'm not a coffee person but I have a lot of friends who love coffee, and most of them can't even survive a day without coffee. So anyway, I had some spare time in my hands so I decided to come up with a list of coffee joints in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Hope you'll discover these new places and try out them coffees. And let me know if you know any other coffee places that should be added into this list =)

103 Coffee Workshop, Sri Petaling (Facebook)
3 Bags Full, Kota Damansara (Facebook)

Abah & Sons Co Motogallerycafe, Lake Fields Sungai Besi (Instagram: @abahnsonsmotocafe)
Acme Bar & Coffee, Persiaran KLCC (Facebook)
Ahmad & Co., Kota Damansara (Facebook)
Aku Cafe & Gallery, Jalan Panggong (Facebook)
Amaze K Cafe, Dataran Sunway, Petaling Jaya (Facebook)
AMPM Cafe, USJ 21 (Facebook)
Antipodean Cafe (Bangsar & Jalan Tun Razak) (Facebook)
Aratachi Coffee (under renovation) (

May Semester Break

Guess who turned 1?

I went to Pickle and Fig, TTDI with Hui Xian. The last time I saw her was around July last year. Spent some quality time together the whole time at P&F cause there weren't many people so we sat around for close to three hours or more. 

Went to Bukit Gambang Resort City for family camp last weekend. Had a good time playing at the waterpark and also waterpolo. Waterpolo! It's been too long. A splashing good weekend indeed.
I also started internship this semester break with a group of really smart and outgoing people. It's nice to work with people who are like-minded.
Well, I haven't been the most productive person during this semester break (ya know, waking up late and lazing and stuffs :P) but I'm looking forward to the work I'm going to do during internship and doing well during my final year. 
So... let's hope everything goes well cause it's been almost 6 months into 2014 and I haven't won anything major :P

Review: Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 23, 24 (Season Finale) - "Angels", "Demons"

Image source: (link)
*This post contains spoilers. Do not proceed if you hate spoilers :P
Criminal Minds Season 9 has come to an end with the 2-episode season finale. Fans who watched the promo video (link) of the final episode are treated with loads of information - Reid who got shot at the neck survived but got ambushed by someone in the hospital. But the most important information was that someone is leaving the show! More on that later.
Episode 23 was building on the case: prostitutes murdered, the town preacher was framed and of course, the main highlight, Reid and Morgan was shot. It was quite an action in the final scene of the episode and it ended in a cliffhanger of course - we didn't know if Morgan and Reid were seriously wounded. Moving on, fans can quickly smile because Morgan and Reid survive and the rest of episode 24 was pretty intense in hunting down the main Unsub, or Unsubs (since it's actually a group of them). Turns out, the whole case is actually about an e…

A Reflection

It's been a year since #505. I still remember on the very next day of #505 many Malaysian netizens were expressing their discontentment and disappointment everywhere on social media over the results. I don't know if we should find it funny or utterly pathetic when we see so many Malaysians flocking to Mr. President's page and pleaded for help.

Recently, Mr. President came to Malaysia,  everyone was thrilled causing massive traffic jam wherever he went. Don't get me wrong - I mean I was excited too, the man dubbed as the most powerful on earth is here in tanah airku.. not forgetting this is sure to go into Malaysia's history as it's been almost 50 years since a US president visited this land...but maybe it's because I hadn't had the chance to meet him so I didn't feel the hype enough.

Obviously, this visit is highly politicised and all activities of Mr President in Malaysia were highly scrutinised. And then I see so many tweets and posts coming again…

Unwanted Disasters

An article by William Pesek on Bloomberg view was spot on about my thoughts on Malaysia's MH370 incident and the recent MV Sewol ferry disaster in South Korea. (Read about it here: link). I could not put into words my thoughts about how differently things were handled and how officials are responding to the crisis. William Pesek could not have done it better as he certainly did good job in articulating those thoughts and wrote it succinctly. 
I know people who have argued that no responsible leader should leave a problem to be solved by others, and that he or she should stay to solve the problem and not run away from it. You see, the main differences about the leaders of Malaysia and South Korea is this - humility. If you observe South Korea's culture, is will be quite clear that the reason for the resignation by the leaders is not because they are running away from the problem - okay, maybe they are - but most importantly I think it was because they feel this overbearing fee…