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Street Arts and Paintings in Georgetown // Penang Murals and Welded Iron Wall Caricatures

Just went to Penang over the weekend with my awesome high school friends. It's actually my first trip with my friends that are not from church without the supervision of older peeps :3 It's also my first time visiting Penang. Don't give me that look please. Anyway, over the next few blogpost I shall be blogging about my experience in Penang :D

Georgetown Map from

We rented a car from Kuala Lumpur and left around 4-ish early in the morning. This is to avoid traffic jam of course. Many thanks to Jun Huei and Shi Wah who was driving most of the time and girls get to relax and slack behind. Lol. 

List of Welded Iron Wall Caricatures

Prior to going to Penang, we did a little research on the street arts which was popularized by both locals and tourists. One of the most famous painters that contributed 6 murals in Georgetown is Ernest Zacharevic. One blogger (I forgot who, sorry!) mentioned about Lebuh Armenian in his blogpost so we went to find that street and it w…

Tips: Buying or Selling Things Online

For the past 2 years, I've been actively using lowyat forum and facebook groups to buy and sell things online. Things I've sold includes camera bags, camera lenses, headphones, CDs, concert tickets and any other stuffs I won from contest lol. To date, my buy and sell transactions would probably have amount to more than RM10000 ++++

Some of the tickets I've sold online
So far, I've never been scammed nor scammed anyone lol, so it's all good. Most of the time, I would prefer COD (cash-on-delivery) than postage. Nowadays, buying and selling online is quite a norm and there are more online retailers/resellers. Anyway, today I would like to share some of the things that I feel is important when buying or selling things online.

1. Check the person/company's background
- It you're using a forum, check whether this good has sold or bought anything before by looking at his forum posts or threads. Also, google to see if that person's username is under any kind of d…

Appearing on The Star Newspaper!

Appeared on The Star Newspaper about 2 weeks ago as the "daughter" of Trend Family when Trend Micro Malaysia launched this initiative. It was nice meeting my "parents" during the photoshoot. I remember my "father" was hosting Kelab Disney Malaysia when I was still in primary school. Lol! 
Coincidentally (this is a serious case of coincidence), my "brother" is someone I've already known - he's been my classmate before. Lol.
Anyway, if you want to read the article, you can read the online article here: (link)

Sennheiser PX 100 II // Sennheiser Malaysia @ Pikom ICT Mall Capsquare Closed Down

About 2 months ago, my Sennheiser PX100 II headphones had some problem with the audio jack and there was no audio from the left earcup. Had gotten it last year but didn't manage to blog about it :3 Thankfully, Sennheiser has a 2-year warranty so I could fix it for free.

Initially I was directed by MyPantrade (Malaysia's local distributor for Sennheiser products) to visit the Sennheiser flagship store in Pikom ICT Mall Capsquare because it was open during the weekends too although I should have went directly to MyPantrade but it is only open on weekdays. But lo and behold, the flagship store actually closed down when I went there -.- In fact, it seems most of the stores in Pikom ICT Mall Capsquare were vacated and I wonder why. Looks like another ghost mall now.

So, I got no choice but to trouble my mum to take my headphones to MyPantrade to fix it. I thought they were gonna fix it but instead they replaced it with a brand new PX100 II and it was ready for collection within 2 …

Food: tables+terrace at Bangsar Shopping Centre, BSC // Groupon

Within a month or so, I made two trips to tables+terrace at BSC. The first time with my family to celebrate Father's Day. The second to celebrate sister's and my birthday. The first trip was a pleasant experience, the place is easy to find, we got a nice seat with a rather good ambiance.


Here's what I see from where I was seated.. by the way, that's a tv there, not a photo frame lol.

Complimentary bread. Not bad at all
I can't remember the names of the drinks, forgive me. Anyways, food picture spam begins ~ Ratings are given based on how good the food is (taste-wise) and also with the consideration of the price.

Some berries punch. I like this. Fresh. : ) Rate: 7/10

Rate: 7/10

Rate: 7/10

Rate: 6/10

Chicken Burger with pickles, cheese, home made relish & shoe string fries for RM28 Rate: 5/10

Oxtail Soup local style with carrots, celery & fried onions for RM16 Rate: 6/10

Crispy Skin Salmon with potato croquette, tomatoes, asparagus, drizzled in cape…