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I'm and I, not an E. Yes, if you didn't know what I was talking about I'm talking about extraversion - I for Introvert and E for Extrovert. I'm very intrigued with personality tests because I like to know more about human behavior. Which is also why, I find Criminal Minds sooooooo interesting. A lot of my friends thought that I'm pursuing Psychology but nope, I'm not. I did, however, said and thought before that I to have something to do with Criminology (totally inspired by Criminal Minds, yo) when I was back in form 4. But after that, I changed my mind la, duh. 

It's difficult to "be myself" especially when I'm around with people that I don't know. Probably because I care too much of what people think about me. Probably because I want to protect my own image. Probably because I'm just fearful.

"Shyness is about fear of social judgment" - Susan Cain

So crap, I'm both shy and introverted?!
Sometimes, I feel like withdr…

Video of the Week: When I Was Your Man (Bruno Mars) - Sam Tsui Cover

OMG the still for the video is horrible :/
Ain't nobody can sing like Bruno Mars, but for Sam Tsui here's a LOVE <3 for him! 

New iPod Nano 7th Gen 16GB For Sale

Edit: Item sold!

Quick post! I have a iPod Nano 7th Gen 16GB for sale.


Item: iPod Nano 7th Gen 16GB (blue color)
Package: Everything inside box
Price: Asking for RM465 - leave me your offer if you want to negotiate - (RRP: 529)
Warranty: From Apple
Dealing method: COD (come meet me! LOOOL) or Poslaju
Location of seller: Cheras, KL
Contact: Please contact me via email or leave a comment here if you are interested in buying from me :D
Age of item: Completely new, item sealed in box
Item condition: ABSOLUTELY NEW!

Video of the Week: Arsenal 1 - 0 Blackburn Rovers

This has got to be the video of the week because Arsenal lost (AT HOME!) to Blackburn Rovers and crashed out of the FA Cup. 
I'm a Gunner fan but sadly the Gunners have no more balls to load the cannon anymore and this season's performance is utterly tragic despite them still "trying" to get the "oh-so-prestigious" Champions League spot. Yaya, sure. Trophies are not everything but there is not passion or desire to win at all. Blame the board, blame the owner, blame Wenger and blame the players. All have to take part of the blame for Arsenal's horrible performance this season. Too inconsistent. 
I can imagine if I were at England, I'll probably go watch games at Emirates if I can afford it. And tickets are not cheap. The Emirates stadium has been constantly filled with fans but I guess the numbers should be decreasing soon. Why pay so much to watch your favourite team play half-heartedly? Memang padan muka if Arsenal goes down the drain. Better if l…

Fatty New Year

HOWDY! How's your Chinese New Year peeps? Got fatter yet?
I realized that a lot of people have been baking/frying their own Chinese New Year cookies or delicacies this year. My mum included. I contributed in rolling some popiah + chicken floss and peeling off the crabsticks. LUL. Others mostly done by mum's effort. 
I just finished my assignment which took me forever to finish it because I was slowly adding points and stuffs. Partly cause I was kinda procrastinating also. :1 Reading about politics and historical facts kills me. T_T While it is quite interesting to read it like some sort of biography, it sucks to write an assignment about it. Urgh. 
Nothing really special about this CNY. This CNY has and will be about foooooodddd, shandy and family and friends. One thing I hate about CNY is that you have to put on a mask when you meet your distant relatives.. Everyone turns to a hypocrite. It's like "I hate you but I have to put on that fake smile" kind of situat…

Video of the Week: Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man

Emo Bruno is back. :P Love the 80's feel.

Where Should You Use Your Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia (BB1M) ?

HELLO EVERYONE! This is the blogpost for BB1M 2013. For BB1M 2014 guides, please refer to the 2014 version (CLICK HERE)

LATEST UPDATE: (1/3/13) - Borders Malaysia
PREVIOUS UPDATE: (26/2/13) - Times Bookstore & MPH Bookstores
PREVIOUS UPDATE: (20/2/13) - Big Bad Wolf Books & BookXcess

University students, rejoice! If you haven't known yet, back in September 2012, the budget for 2013 was announced by our Prime Minister. Based on the budget, university students would be given Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia (BB1M) worth RM250 courtesy of the government.

I noticed that bookstores in Malaysia are making promotions for students to spend their vouchers in their outlets and I'm really spoilt for choice. I felt like I'm being seduced to make a decision on where to spend the vouchers. Which to choose?! My friend suggested a brilliant idea - compile the promotions and blog about it. So, here's the list of promotions by the various bookstores in Malaysia that are offering promotion fo…

Video of the Week: Paperman Disney Animated Short Film

Love this video! I don't know why either. It's not like the storyline is awesome or what but has got Disney's magical touch somehow. And there's no dialogue at all! Loved the music. And the drawings look rather familiar. Especially the guy character. But I can't seem to remember from which cartoon :(

Responsible Blogging 2013

Let’s Shape a Sustainable Blogosphere Future Together Responsible Blogging 2013 is a campaign calling upon the entire online community in Malaysia to rally for and support an ethical climate in the blogosphere for our mutual benefit. Let’s join together and show that we care.

The goal - 1,000,000 engagements; 2000 Bloggers; 9 Brands. Stand up for responsible blogging.
Responsible blogging’s core concept is built on 9 Pillars, let’s see that is the 9 Pillars

Responsible blogging 2013 campaign was presented by Ninetology Malaysia.

NINETOLOGY is an ASEAN mobile device technology company, strongly driven by the people’s pride and importance of being on par with global technology progression and renowned international standards. Phenomenal growth is what we strive for and we who have an eye for details, meticulous with elements of technology, art and beauty - ENSURES this. Inspired by bold & fast-paced lifestyles, products of NINETOLOGY are empowered by today’s solutions for practicality a…