#FF - Somersault with Bicycle

WARNING: For those who have a weak heart, do not proceed. The images below might make you puke. 

So, six years ago, I happily went to Taman Botani Putrajaya with family and friends. I was 13, already started my journey of being a fatty. T_______T. Paddled the boat and then went for cycling.

It was like any ordinary day, except I did a somersault when I was cycling. Lol, I was cycling down the hill and then I felt like I was going too fast, I decided to brake. Just that, I think I panicked, and I brake sampai mati. Oh my. Ya, so I was half way down the hill, and when I did that - me bike lurched forward, I lurched forward. And the next thing I know, I was like doing a somersault, and the bike followed.

So I landed on the ground and the bike hit my back. T_______T. Okay la, can't describe the pain but it was painful. I was lying on the ground. Tried to stand up. Then I realized that the bicycle was on me, and the chains was on my right leg ._. Pfft. I didn't cry but everyone started surrounding me. Shocked nak mampus. 13 year old only okay. It's like a freak accident for me

-_____-; Yeah, I'm famous for my clumsiness alright. So now whenever I go cycling and if I come back uninjured, it's achievement unlocked for me :D

I already started blogging back then. I remembered posting up some pictures to my windows live space or something. Don't know what happened to the blog LOOOL. Went to dig the pictures and I found it..


Please refer back to the warning above.


Sorry, I just had to.

The scar stuck with me till today. Dargh.

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