Video of the Week: Lagu Tema - Janji Ditepati (Hari Merdeka ke-55)

This video had got to be the video of the week. Most Malaysians (who are not katak bawah tempurung) would know how much political agenda does this song contain. And to make it the Merdeka theme song for this year leaves all of us..disgusted.

I mean we all have no problems with Jalur Gemilang. No problems with Keranamu Malaysia. And no problems with other 'famous' Merdeka anthems like Tanggal 31. But this? If BN wants this song to be their anthem, so be it. But don't make it a Merdeka song and force all students and Malaysians to sing along.

The number of likes and dislikes for the video speaks a lot.


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