Food: Saisaki Japanese Buffet Dinner @ Wisma UOA II

Can you believe it? The last time I went to Saisaki was about 3 years ago during Ruh's birthday (link). So finally, my family visited Saisaki again this time as my birthday dinner. I got to eat free, you see :P

Nothing's really changed there. In fact, we were seated the very same place that we sat 3 years ago. In the building, the path leading towards Saisaki was still deserted, like 3 years ago but inside Saisaki, everyone was alive. In fact, I think Saisaki was the only store that was still open at 7pm and later.

I'll let your imagination run with food pictures :)

I must say, the sushi were impressive. Quite a number of variety. They even have smoked salmon sushi, which was really good. I wished they serve smoked salmon sashimi though. They also have a lot of other kinds of sushis that I have never seen before. Improvised-kind of sushis. It kinda taste weird though, even from the looks of it. So.. I passed.

Tempuras were awesome awesome. Need I say more? They also had escargots and even soft shell crabs. Saisaki serves a great variety of food. They had other stuffs like some ducks, fish and Western food or even local food, not just limited to Japanese food.

The only thing that surprised me that night was that there wasn't a queue for ice cream. In fact, I noticed not many people went for ice cream. Really? No queues for ice cream in a buffet? Now, that's new. Maybe because the ice creams Saisaki serves is not Haagen Dazs but believe me, it was good. They had a good variety of chocolate, yam, green tea, chocolate mint, strawberry and vanilla. And it was good. Especially green tea. It's hard to find good ones.

Ice creams were good but the cakes were just like... meh. Didn't take any.

Overall, it was a good trip :)

Video of the Week: Lagu Tema - Janji Ditepati (Hari Merdeka ke-55)

This video had got to be the video of the week. Most Malaysians (who are not katak bawah tempurung) would know how much political agenda does this song contain. And to make it the Merdeka theme song for this year leaves all of us..disgusted.

I mean we all have no problems with Jalur Gemilang. No problems with Keranamu Malaysia. And no problems with other 'famous' Merdeka anthems like Tanggal 31. But this? If BN wants this song to be their anthem, so be it. But don't make it a Merdeka song and force all students and Malaysians to sing along.

The number of likes and dislikes for the video speaks a lot.

Deal to Steal: Gold Coast Morib Resort Water Theme Park

I just came back from a short trip to Gold Coast Morib Resort with my family yesterday. So this post is going to be about my short stay at the resort. My mum bought a deal from StreetDeal about 1 to 2 months ago. RM180 for one room, inclusive of buffet dinner, buffet breakfast and water theme park tickets for 2 person.

The room was pretty impressive. Spacious. There's a TV. Fridge provided. Hair dryer and all the basic stuffs you need.

There's also a jacuzzi in the toilet. Ohoho. Unfortunately when I berendam in the jacuzzi after I went to the water theme park, I find that the water wasn't hot for my liking. But on the contrary, my sister thought the water was hot enough. Maybe the problem lies with the room :O

View from my room :D Yep, that's part of the theme park.

Theme park was a lil small but pretty good for a small place like that. They have about 4 different slides. And some other stuffs around. A lot of kids were around and most of the rides, kid around 5 would be able to play, if they are brave enough :P

Spot me. Nak jadi hero doh.

Dinner time was jam-packed. Breakfast was slightly better. 

One very major thing that could be improved by the resort is - stench. There was horrible smell of poops after dinner and the stench was really horrible. I'm guessing the smell came from the time when they were washing toilets and I saw them draining out the water from the drain. :( Yuck.

Another thing is FLIES. Loads and loads of flies around! I know when we are close to nature, there would be a lot of insects and flies around. But it's very very annoying that I cannot eat peacefully during dinner and breakfast :( Management should make some effort to get rid of the flies because I can see there's no effort in resolving this issue at all D:

Overall, it was a good time to chill out. If you're looking to spend time with your family (especially kids), this is a good place. You can also relax at the beach if you want, it's just outside after the water theme park, near the dinner area. 

Hurhur, finally a vacation. But a little too short. Next, can't wait to catch a flight to a place where I have been to 4 years ago. 

On another note, July is coming to an end! So fast! :(

Video of the Week: 'Dark Knight Rises' Mass Shooting at Aurora, Colorado

I heard the shooter is a PhD holder for neuro. What a waste. He must have gone psycho after so many years of "hardship" in studying. That's why people.. know your own capabilities. Don't push yourself too much.


It has been three emotional days for many people that I know. It's true. We always fail to appreciate people and things around us until it's gone. Don't take people around you for granted....

Someone who never fails to pull my legs every Sunday during service. Joker. Always initiates. A great example to many. A great father to many. A fighter.
You are no longer bounded in pain, free from every struggle and you've gone to a better place. And you..would be dearly missed by all..

BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 27 October 2012 Malaysia - Ticket Launch & Price

BIGBANG is probably the most prominent Korean boy band at the moment. I've always thought it would be Super Junior or 2PM but looks like it's not. No doubt, Kpop is the current popular culture and being popular culture, sure there are a lot of followers, especially in Asian countries. But the Koreans are determined to break through the Hollywood market and you can see how BIGBANG slowly move into Hollywood with their involvement in MTV. Okay, I'm not the expert of the topic, obviously. If it's anyone to talk about Kpop the last would be me. XD But, I think there were an exam on Kpop I'm sure that my sisters would get an A+. Geez.

Source: (link)

Anyhow, I've heard and saw a few videos on Kpop performances and my goodness, they are all so kua jiong. Yet, so entertaining at the same time. I mean at the moment where you have nothing to do, they are entertaining. But still doesn't interest me. I heard BIGBANG is coming to Kuala Lumpur this time around and I don't mind going IF I had free tickets, ya know? :P I mean just to get an experience before/if the pop culture goes away.. (like Jpop).

So I saw from Facebook that Running Into The Sun, the concert organizers are having a ticket launch. Details as follow:

Venue: Fahrenheit88
Date: 28th July 2012
Time: 10:30am to 6:00pm

12,000 tickets would be for sale for the concert. VIP tickets would be sold for RM688. 300 Priority Premiere Rock Pit - RM 588 (Enter rock pit earlier than the rest, no pressure to queue for best view).

So, anyone gonna be crazy and queue for the ticket launch? :x

If you need more info about seating plans and ticket pricing, go (here)

Malaysian Students Allowed to Bring Handphones to School, Again.

One of the news that caught my attention this week was "Students can take handphones, IT gadgets to school from 2012" (link). Man the headline sounds so familiar.. Then I remembered.

7 years ago, back in 23 December 2005, the MOE released a pekeliling to schools stating that students are allowed to bring handphones to school. But then in less than one month, on 20 January 2006, MOE decided to say that they were joking revoke the pekeliling and that students cannot bring handphones to school at all. Our government seemed so fickle-minded. Changing their minds in just less than a month for such a major decision. At least that is what I think.

Of course back then in 2006, there were huge debate between the pros and cons of bringing handphones to school. Most adults (parents and educators) had strong opinions on this issue and also some students (I read a news where head prefects were interviewed and shared their opinion) had their say. Back then social media wasn't that popular in Malaysia so no one was vocal about the issue I guess. And no one was demonstrating :P

The Personal Story
My personal experience was this. I wanted to bring my handphone to school once when I was form 3, 4 or 5, couldn't remember clearly. I need the handphone to call my mum to fetch me home because I was going somewhere else first. I knew the consequences of bringing of the forbidden item to school - say goodbye to your phone because it'll be confiscated and only can be retrieved at the end of the year. (Ya school sucks because even if your parents comes to school asking to claim the phone back, the school would ask you to collect it during December holidays -_-).

So, naive as I am, I went up to a teacher, asked her if she could keep the phone for me first and I will get the phone from her after school. I have no intentions to use the phone during school, see? But no, the teacher says that she don't want to bear any responsibility and she warns me if I bring it to school, she will confiscate it. -_-; Don't know how I should response. Sigh. It's a lose-lose situation for me back then. I wanted to be honest, I really need the phone but the teacher doesn't want to "help" me. So what option do I have? Break the rules then. 

The For Argument
1. Technological Advancement - There are countries that allow students to bring phones to school many years ago. We're lagging behind. It's good to motivate and encourage innovation through phones. It's a basic need to have a phone nowadays.

2. Safety - Parents/Children need to contact each other easily

3. Schools are there to educate - A good opportunity to educate discipline in students.

4. Cost and long-term benefit for Mama nature - Introduce e-books. Save papers.

5. Gen Y are tech savvy - Since Gen Y peeps are tech savvy, it's good to capitalize on their strengths.

6. Maturity issues - If this is about maturity (in handling one's own gadget and how they use it), adults shouldn't be allowed to bring their gadgets to workplace too because they also Facebook/Call/Text/Do other stuff

The Against Argument
1. Distractions - Games, Texting, INTERNET (with the Internet you can practically do everything now)

2. Peer Pressure - Less privileged students will feel the pressure when they see all their peers surrounding them have a (smart)phone.

3. More Work For Teachers (Mostly this is from a teacher's POV) - Teachers would now have more responsibility to look after students' gadgets and monitor their behavior (ie. don't let them break the rules/guidelines)

4. Maturity issues - Students are not matured enough to have good self-control and would abuse the gadgets to other stuffs that are not school-related when in school.

5. Safety - Bullying, Stealing, Robbery, Kidnapping?

6. More Highschool Drama - Video, Pictures, Cyberbullying.. *think Gossip Girl :P

My personal opinion
Sure, a lot of people are concerned about how handphones would create a lot of problems, I agree. Social problems from mobile usage are already on the rise. I can imagine a 14 year old girl tweeting non-stop the whole day about everything they see in school, on the way home and at home. (I've seen soooo many teenagers, girls especially, tweeting away like 1k tweet a day. That's mad -_-)

Unless students are very confident in themselves that they have super good self-control, I suggest that they leave the phone at home unless it is necessary for them to bring the phone. Because of the mobile media revolution, phones have become a greater distraction. And with the MOE saying that they would provide free wifi, there would be more problems. Students can easily access Facebook and Twitter which is already known for how addictive they could be, and then Whatsapp comes into the picture. Students can text away without even thinking because it's free! Sigh, even I find it hard sometimes to concentrate in class because I have a smartphone. *Bish.

Stealing of phones are just secondary issues to me because I think if the teachers and school authorities are willing to "help" students keep this phones safely, there shouldn't be any problem. Like provide students with lockers or just put them inside staff room or something. I'm sure things will work out if there is proper management and security. You don't see phones getting stolen easily in colleges unless you leave them lying around.

BUT, students might be easy victims to robbery or snatch thefts if not careful because now everyone knows students can bring a phone and that most probably students will. And of course, bullying come into the picture.

I know the reason that students are allowed to bring handphones is because we're already considered backdated and we're lagging behind. But I don't see how bringing handphones or any IT gadgets would effectively help our nation to progress further. Maybe it's because I cannot comprehend it yet due to lack of exposure? In defense, I would like to justify this matter :P MOE claims that all if not most schools are already equipped with computing facilities.. but are students taught how to use it properly? Nopes. I didn't learn to use Excel, Words or Powerpoint in school (oh, I'm talking about national schools here btw). In fact, I've never used any computer in school for my entire high school life.

Unless handphones or the gadgets are really put into good use, I doubt how it would really help us to be better all. That being said, using gadgets to learn and do revision.. Has anyone done the research to prove its effectiveness? Because I think if I were to use iPad to read something, I would toggle away when a Facebook notification pops out. I'm just being realistic.

There is no doubt that new rules and guidelines would be introduced to ensure that students will not retaliate and abuse the privilege to bring the phones to school. But what I am afraid is how rules would turn out to be, in the name of "discipline". I have listed some of the most ridiculous rules introduced to students by schools because they want students to be more discipline. You can read about it (here) and (here).

Actually, I kinda see more cons to pros in this whole issue. But that's just me. May be I cannot accept such change. I think if this implementation ought to take place next year, proper measures must be taken in order to reduce the possibilities that students will get distracted, bullying etc NOW. Let me know what you think.

P/S: Surprise, surprise: according to StarEducate editor, it was found out most teachers AND STUDENTS are against phones in school whereas parents love it (source: link) Ain't that surprising? :P

Sam Tsui Someone Like You, Wide Awake, Stronger

I got lifeless because holidays is here. And I kinda enjoy being lifeless. By lifeless I don't mean wasting my life away *stares* but at least I can:

1. Read up some books (finished House Rules finally!)
2. Catch the whole of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, which only has 13 episodes :(
3. Started to watch a few episodes of Desperate Housewives and actually find it interesting :O
4. Made a few Sam Tsui "artwork"


Okay, all looked kinda sucky actually :(

I still like the one that I did for Just A Dream the best :D 

Go view the others (here) and (here)

McDonald's Malaysia Limited Edition Coca Cola Glass, 2012 London Olympics Games Set

McDonald's Malaysia just released the Coca Cola glass that commemorates London Olympics 2012 that last week. It comes free with every purchase of McDonald's meal AND Sundae/Mcflurry. The Coca Cola glass comes in 6 colors and McDonald's is only releasing it one by one by weeks.

As a Coke collector, I must say I am fortunate to be one of the firsts to get my hands on the complete set of Coca Cola glass that comes with a box! That makes a boxset :D *psst: boxsets are very valuable :)

Many thanks to ChurpChurp for allowing me to bring this back home and add it into my collection. You can try bringing back one yourself! Go to their website and search their blog and find out how :) Or simply leave a comment I'll gladly share with you.

Inside the box are the gorgeous Coke glasses that comes in 6 colors (as mentioned). Clockwise from top left - Cycling (Purple), Football (Charcoal), Basketball (Aqua), Athletics (Green), Swimming (Blue), Gymnastics (Pink).

A CD under the cover hood :)

Side view.

As you can see, I'm struggling to find space to display the boxset. I need a new cabinet. #crowdfunding anyone? :)

Stuart Weitzman Capsize Heels

Once upon a time, 
Stuart Weitzman designs something so fine.

Seductive twist on the traditional Mary Jane, 
4-inch heels are such a pain.
Luxuriously made in Spain, 
Capsize Heels is for your gain.



I was officially nineteen yesterday. Honestly I had no feelings. I am SO glad last week went by fast enough. I was going to die of the madness of things that were about to happen last weekend. Let's start of with Saturday: exam in the morning, sister's birthday part 1 the next day, exam the next morning, then sister's birthday part 2 the same night, then exam again the following morning. Did you get confused? Haha.

But yes, HOLIDAYS are here! And I am SO glad again. :P

Birthday was simple. Dinner with friends. Good friends who remembered without needing Facebook's birthday reminder and took time off their busy schedule to have a simple dinner out together and treat you.

Yuck. My hair. LOL..

Friends who you grew up with who took the time to make something that you can relate to. You find yourself smiling when you see it and when you read the messages, you smile goes from ear to ear. You appreciate all of them for their effort for making simple things like cards or just simple makan. 

Nineteen. Thank you God for giving me 19 years.

P/S: Yeah! Unifi is back up :)


My unifi is currently down so I have limited access to internet. I'm still surviving. I missed VOTW :(

Semester break is here! I'm very excited :)

I'll be back soon, with updates.

P/S: I'm so surprised the stats didn't drop drastically despite the lack of updates.


Video of The Week: Berlin's Bottles Only Quintet

Saw this on the news the other day.

"Five young men from Berlin make empty bottles sing: Frank, Fritze, Endie, Peter and Moehre only think about one thing when drinking a bottle of beer: how will the bottle sound afterwards?

The so called "GlassBlowSing-Quintet" relies enteirely on empty bottles made of glass or plastic for instruments.

Fly FM's Ben Jern and Phat Fabes Make Jokes About Cats and Monkeys?

Update 3.23 pm, 4/7/2012: I suggest you read with an open mind, if not, you can choose to leave. 

Tada! I'm predicting that this news would go viral for awhile on Facebook as social media users start to flood Fly FM's page with how frustrated and disgusted they were about Ben and Phat Fabes' joke about cats and monkeys.

I didn't listen for myself what joke did they particularly made but from what I read, the joke revolves around monkeys and then one caller called in and talked about how she ran over a cat and they started to make jokes out of it too.

Many people had already written how furious they are over jokes that they made and called Ben and Phat Fabes as "ignorant", "insensitive", "cruel", "sick" and other words along that line. Many criticized them because there are many youths who are listening to the radio station and they should have educated public to love animals instead of making jokes. My question is : - do they expect Ben and Phat Fabes to lecture the caller? Or that following the call, they should condemn the act?

Another question is : What is your expectation when listening to radio stations? I doubt you would actually think of this word - EDUCATION. I doubt it, ask any Tom, Dick or Harry what they want out of radio stations and I bet one of the answers would be - ENTERTAINMENT. My argument is that people shouldn't use the point of "educating" when they don't even expect or believe in education out of radio stations in the first place.

And, perhaps the jokes that Ben and Phat Fabes made were really insensitive and they should indeed apologize for it. But my problem with all these people that comment is that they are making personal attack already. Worst still, all the "not really animal lovers" people start making comments etc etc etc. Suddenly, everyone is an animal lover. (Oh, remember the Sushi case?)

I am sure no human being (except sadists) will purposely run over animals or torture them intentionally. -_-; Some people on Facebook were testifying that they or their friends would come down to help animals when they ran over them or when they see a helpless animal anywhere. These are good acts, I respect them for their sacrificial actions.

However, would they do the same if they were on the highway? How come I don't see anyone helping the dogs/cats on highway but animals' corpses are left to rot or continue to be run over by more cars? Of course, that would mean that they would have to put their life in danger. But try to picture a situation where the animal is replaced with a human that met with an accident on a highway. Would people stop? I think yes, but not not everyone would stop either. At the end of the day, it's a personal choice (to help or not) and we cannot force others what our ideology is.

I would never think of running over a cat or dog as animal cruelty (as some people might have put it that way) because it is never the intention of a person to run over a cat or dog or any other animal. It is a mere accident.

As humans, we are quick to criticize others but we fail to see the flaws in ourselves. My stand in this whole animal loving issue is - don't hurt them and don't joke with animal lovers (because certainly we know that they would not like a slight hint of joke about animals). Making jokes out of incidents like running over animals could be inappropriate, so it is for you to discern. If you really think it's a funny joke, tell it to some other people, respect others. At the same time, I believe that the status of animals and humans are never the same. You cannot equate a life of a human with an animal. That is my stand.

Oh no, I think what I have wrote may offend all animal lovers out there. But, peace. These are just my thoughts, I respect you for your love for animals (which I do admit, I don't have) but you should respect me in the same manner (:

Gotye Shot Himself in the Head? Is Gotye Dead?

News is buzzing. According to this report from CNN iReport, Gotye is dead at the age of 32 (link).

Don't know whether it's a hoax or not but do bear in mind that "@cnnireport is "citizen journalism", public can post stuff and often not verified by @cnnbrk" - quoted from twitter.

*edit: Gotye is NOT dead (: and the report from CNN iReport has also been removed :)

Video of The Week: How To Shoot Fireworks Guide by Jared Polin

For photography lovers, this is for you (;

I've been following Jared's video for quite some time now and I find it quite helpful. :D