WIN: SUJU Super Junior Autographed Mr Simple Album!

Hey Kpop fans, if you really, really, really LOVE SUJU...You need to know this: A few organizers are giving away SUJU's autographed albums. I know where to find them. Just hit me up. Leave your emails here, ASAP and I will contact and tell you the complete details. :)

In case you aren't convince, I've actually won 2PM autographed album before (link)

It's fine if you don't believe me. But you're missing out. :P


  1. tell me how to get that!! awwh seriously im dying haha. this is my email please email me asap!! thanks :)

  2. help me out please!! thanks btw :)

  3. okay thank you :) btw do you have another 2pm's album with their signature? aaaah i want that so badly :(

  4. I don't have it coz I've sold mine already :) but my friend do have one autographed album. Maybe you can email him at nhf_1993[at]hotmail[dot]com and discuss with him :)

  5. okay thanks again :)

  6. hiiii :) i just won suju autographed album. yeah freakin happy bout it. btw thanks to you again for the information :*


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