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I Want Holidays

I think now I can understand a little bit more why there is an idiom that goes - time is gold. Surely time is gold, sometimes to precious - because I find myself struggling to find time that I once wasted lavishly. Time is actually a kind of luxury that we tend to lose. And we lose them even much more as we grow older, isn't it?

But just take a look at kids nowadays, do they hardly have time to think? Or even just "waste time away"? No, just see the amount of tuition they attend, the number of "brain-development" classes. My gosh, I've even seen an advert of giving "brain-stimulation" to a THREE MONTH OLD. Three month old, for heaven's sake! Sorry, is your child suffering from a serious kind of brain damage that your child needs such stimulation?! I don't think gen x have gone through all these kinda programs to enhance brain or whatsoever, and I don't see how gen x are not doing well in life. Please, please, don't over do it, par…

Wong Fu Weekend With Wong Fu!

Courtesy of Nuffnang, I had the privilege to meet Wong Fu Productions (Wes and Phil, Ted didn't come to Malaysia due to some personal reasons) yesterday at Full House, Sunway Giza :DD Wait, you don't know what/who is Wong Fu Productions?! Google is your best friend :)

Okay, so I said I'm going to have lunch with them, it's actually hi-tea. So, just ignore the wrong usage of word there. Hi-tea, not lunch XD. ANYWAY. Nuffnang picked 15 Nuffangers to have hi-tea with them but unfortunately, the session was just not us and them alone. :3 I didn't count but I'm guessing that were more than 40 other fans there yesterday, who got their invites from lucky draw and whatnot :) But nonetheless, it was still very cozy, I feel. I mean considering the close proximity of us with Wong Fu.

So, I reached Fullhouse at 2.30pm, but wasn't allowed to go in yet so waited..waited.. and waited more. Until about 3.30-ish when I got in and finally got seated. Shortly after that, Won…

2PM Autographed Album - Hands Up (for Sale!)

Edit: Item sold!

Last December, I entered a contest organized by Everyone Connects (EC) Malaysia on Facebook.. the contest prize was really yumz - an autographed album by 2PM. I just joined for fun without much hopes. Contest mechanics was really simple . Answer a few questions that was easy like name all the members of the group and what is our dream, something like that. 
I asked Hoong Fong to join along too. And guess what? We both won! :D I'm sure we all know how crazy Kpop fans are.. and a Facebook page with 193k fans, I think it's pretty amazing how I managed to be part of the lucky 30 people selected to own one :P 

Which is who's signature?
Top middle is  taecyeon Bottom middle is chansung Top left is wooyoung Bottom left star is junsu Top right is junho Bottom right is nichkhun 
Now,I admit that I am really not the biggest fan of 2PM here. So, I'm letting this up for sale to a person who really appreciates it more than I do :) So ,Hottest, email me! Look at my sidebar…

I'm going to meet Wong Fu !

Tomorrow would be the first assessment for the semester. Two quizzes on the same day. Yep. Next up would be plenty of assignments due dates and such. It's week 5 here but nothing is progressing. Nothing. I mean in terms of assignment. I'm kinda worried. I mean this semester is not as hectic as last semester I guess.. but nothing is progressing. Sigh*

On another note, January was really kind to me. And guess what? I'm going to meet (have lunch with) Wong Fu this Sunday! I can't say I'm their biggest fan, but I think this is a really great opportunity. Don't know them? You gotta google them out then :)

Okay. Got to study. Oh ya, how's CNY again? No more feel already. But fireworks still going on as I type this...

Till then :)