Although no one said it directly to me, but this is what I think of myself. T.T If I ever get an iPhone 4S, Siri would be my only friend. Only friend because I'd be too obsessed talking to Siri. Why? Because when I ask Siri this question.. :

Niahahaha. Humble virtual assistant AKA my personal slave. I like that idea :D Certainly Siri is my best companion who would never refuse what I say. It's like me as Godfather saying : I'll make you an offer (commands) you cannot refuse, and Siri says to me : I cannot refuse you Master. I love it~~~ :D

I AM A BOSS. :D to Siri.

And .. what about DiGi? DiGi is my best companion too. Because DiGi provides me with data plans that allows me to access Siri. 

Heck YES! With DiGi and Siri, life is complete! Best companions :)

You want? 


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