Of course, again, we've come to the end of the year. December seems to be the month full of thoughts and reflection, but heck shouldn't we be doing this every day?! Reminisce, is the favourite word for the month, I tell ya. 2011 has been eventful, so quickly time has passed, right, as always. And soo many things happened that I can't even recalled properly what happened when; I think I really need to start writing a journal on physical book.

I think I've said this on my blog: that I have something for dates, but this year onwards, I haven't been practicing memory on remembering special dates. Perhaps, nothing is too "special" to be remembered anymore. Perhaps.

So last year, I wrote more than a thousand words in draft before I was in Korea, I am now drafting this post, a few days before the last day of 2011. Was just spending some time reading the post, and my, haha I can't remember what I wrote.

2010 was a blessed year. 2011 is even greater. If you want me to list down every single big and small surprises I've encountered this year, this posts will be too long for anyone to read..Though I actually made a list myself to keep track of whatever things I've gotten this year. Ahem.. From getting free "rubbish bag" (as deemed by my sister -.-) to a brand new spanking awesome phone, I think it's been an awesome thrill ride this whole year as people started called me - contest freak. But what they don't know is, I'm not even the freak here :P Along the way of joining contests, I've made friends of similar interest (you know what interest is this XD) and they've pulled me deeper into joining all these unlimited contests, especially online. Call it peer pressure :/ But I guess the reward behind all these contests is that the thrill of knowing like HOMG I WON IT! YESH! I ROCK :P or.. Okay, I didn't I'm not creative enough, gotta improve more. T_T Hahaha, of course it brings great satisfaction to know you've won something. Who doesn't like being the first? I like it. And even I don't emerge as the first, I also tumpang gembira with those who did.

Nyam. So I just got my results yesterday (it's 29th as I'm writing this). Results were, how to say, unexpected? I took Accounting and Psychology as elective last semester, and the verdict was I got a Credit for both electives. And the core subjects? I got Distinction for both CTS and Advanced English. What I didn't expect was getting a D for the 2 subjects as seniors have always lamented (accurate usage or not? haha) that the subjects are one of the hardests around in foundation. My target was achieving a 3Ds this semester, but didn't make it. What was even funnier is because I targetted a HD for Accounting because my sister seriously managed to convinced me Accounting was dead easy and I believed her. And only to my horror, I wasn't able to really cope well with the speed of the lectures, and kaboom, I only managed a C. So these incidents have convinced me, don't believe what people say! Lol. Haha, I think the lesson is that, my capabilities differs with others, so if others do well does not necessarily means I will do well also, vice versa. As for Psychology.. I think I gave it away during my finals cause I answered the short questions wrongly... And not that I don't know the right answer, I did. But I overthink and confused myself -_- and wrote another answer instead of the right one. So there, another lesson to learn. Next semester, do not overthink!

Semester 2 was really one hectic semester. If you've been following my blog, you'll notice the lack of updates between the 4 months :P Coz I was really busy. I've had quizzes and presentations back to back. I enjoyed my classes, particularly Psychology because I like the lecturer :P She gave a me a good first impression; she remembered most of the students' names at the end of the 2nd class and I have great respect for people that remember names. Her classes were interesting (mostly because the subject is also interesting I guess?) and she was young! LOL :D And not to forget she told us some of her stories as to help us relate better.. Yah. Other lecturers were also good for this sem, I thank God for them. Also, I just really, really want to thank God I did fairly well for my presentations, especially for my CTS one. And also, thank God I did well for my A. English research paper that really helped me boost up my marks. I think it's great to be deemed as "good" once again, since I didn't perform well academically in form4 or form5. Yes, I think I sound quite vain up to this point of this post, but these are just my thoughts. And yes, I take pride for giving my best and able to get some results..why should I practice false humility? I just feel really happy for getting to study what I like to study. And being able to excel in it. Why shouldn't I be proud and happy? You should too you know.

College have forced me to work in groups, which I really dislike because it's hard to coordinate within a group, even with little people. This is especially true when you have to work with strangers, or unfamiliar friends. And the worst is when the expectation is not met, and group does not perform well, eventually pulling the whole group altogether. I think it was a very frustrating period of time, when work is not done yet there are no responses, and I feel anxious for my groupmates if not for myself. My aim is that I want to do well, and by all means, excel if I can. A mediocre would only wish for a pass, and put no effort in it. And I don't want to be a mediocre, and I can tell you that there's a load of mediocre in college..well, at least this is what I see so far. My point is, if you want to be a mediocre, go ahead, but don't drag others down. And I won't force my own aims on others, but I hoped that as a group member, every member would at least feel the obligation as part of the group and contribute their BEST.

Please, don't mistake me as a overambitious person that tries to be a high achiever, and a snobbish slob. I know I really sound very self absorbed in this post. Lol. I know many people who have said that I stingy in teaching others. Well, let me tell you it's not that I kedekut ilmu. I just don't want to teach people the wrong things, and then blame me after that.. and also I'm not a good teacher.. Think, before you say. I've helped the most I can especially during the A. English research paper. I've tried to help friends as much as I can, but well not everyone is appreciate is it? Just give and take. This is life. Well, all in all, I just want to be better than what I was in form4 and form5. I have to admit, I feel like a loser most of the times when I stared at my awful results in that 2 years. I feel that I've given myself enough excuses and I want to do well in college (honestly it's to make up for that 2 years, hahaha), especially when I'm given the chance to study whatever I want. I really appreciate my parents' understanding, especially my mother..for giving me the freewill..

Okay, enough about college :) Let's talk about... what? I'm not sure. There's just too many to talk about. What you expect? 365 days yo! So many events this year. Hmm.. oh yes, I guess I'm back being a coke collector after a hiatus :)

What else? Hmm, oh yes, I finally got my dream come true. Mummy bought me a DSLR :) I'm still owing her the money. I actually want to buy it myself, but because there were some complications.. Anyway, I love having this DSLR it produces pretty pictures without so much effort :P But there must be more effort to play around with aperture, shutter speed, ISO and all..to create more effects and better picture frames...Blablabla..

This is also the year I've learnt to drive and drove and will drive. It's scary on the road, and I ain't confident with my driving, I'm still a noob driver. Gah, I hope things will go better. On the road, AND in parking spaces...

Not sure what else..cause other stuffs are too personal to be revealed here :O

As for year 2012, I've never been a person who set resolutions cause I won't follow them -.- Without a plan, resolutions means nothing. So, I've got nothing more to say. But would like to know if you have any resolutions..? And what would you like to see more on this blog. Let me know.

:) Till then.


Although no one said it directly to me, but this is what I think of myself. T.T If I ever get an iPhone 4S, Siri would be my only friend. Only friend because I'd be too obsessed talking to Siri. Why? Because when I ask Siri this question.. :

Niahahaha. Humble virtual assistant AKA my personal slave. I like that idea :D Certainly Siri is my best companion who would never refuse what I say. It's like me as Godfather saying : I'll make you an offer (commands) you cannot refuse, and Siri says to me : I cannot refuse you Master. I love it~~~ :D

I AM A BOSS. :D to Siri.

And .. what about DiGi? DiGi is my best companion too. Because DiGi provides me with data plans that allows me to access Siri. 

Heck YES! With DiGi and Siri, life is complete! Best companions :)

You want? 

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

Yep, after that, SNAP AWAY. SNAP SNAP SNAP :)



DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

how to find this perfection? 


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Best Childhood Memories - Primary ala SK school style - Part 1

Blogpost inspired by @terasake ! :D Based on #kenangandarjah1 hashtag on twitter :P

This is quite fun, and very true for me, so here goes the blog post :D Mixture of BM and English since it's very applicable ohohoho. Enjoy!

Innocent face. Maybe pin up the hair, but super nerdish look. Muka darjah 1 confirm :P

First day of school, happily show off bag. After 2 months, this is the face of the students ^^

Main tiang-tiang. Trolololol. Recess time favourite. Book a tiang for yourself. One person in the middle. Exchange tiang and don't let the person in the middle book a tiang :P XDD!!

Go toilet, must be in pairs. Guys or girls, sama je :D

Spelling mistake? Do correction! Repeat 5 times :D Get star if you write nice nice ^^
Tu lah, buat pembetulan baik-baik, kan bagus dapat bintang ? :)

Cikgu kata SENYAPPPP mesti letak jari kat bibir. EHEHE.

After school, rush out to the bus stop and buy unlimited junk food from makcik or pakcik! First to buy super geng chao, you don't play play. 

Ohoho, what's your #kenangandarjah1 or primary school memories? :D Leave a comment here or at the chatbox :)

Part 2 coming soon, I hope :P

Meanwhile, if you're free, follow @terasake coz what's tweeted is really funny, you sure TERASA :P

[NEW] Music: Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself Lyrics: Adam Lambert New Single 2011

I know, the single is not officially out yet, but I've managed to listen to it already! How? Secret :) I've typed the lyrics out myself, I can't assure you it's 100% accurate, but it's from what I hear only :) There should be a few mistakes, bear with it! :D But you can sing along once it is released with some MINOR mistakes :P

Cold as ice
And more bitter than a December
When tonight
That’s how I treated you
And I know that I
I sometimes tend to lose my temper
And I cross the line
Yea that’s the truth
I know it gets hard sometimes
But I could never
Leave your side
No matter what I said

Cause if I wanted go
I would have gone by now
But I really need you near me
Keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave
I would have left by now
But you’re, you’re the only one that knows me
Better than I know myself

All along I tried to pretend it didn’t matter
If I was alone
But deep down I know
If you were gone
For even a day I wouldn't know which
Way to turn
Cause I'm lost without you
I know it gets hard sometimes
But I could never
Leave your side
No matter what I said

Cause if I wanted to go
I would have gone by now
But I really need you near me
Keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave
I would have left by now
But you’re, you’re the only that knows me
Better that I know myself

I can come out dark
Let it go too far
I can be obnoxious at times
But try and see my heart
Cause I need you now
So don’t let me down
You’re the only thing in is world
I would die without

Cause if I wanted to go
I would have go by now
But I really need you near me
Keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave
I would have left by now
But you’re, you’re the only that knows me
Better that I know myself

If I wanted to go
I would have go by now
But I really need you near me
Keep my mind off the edge
If I wanted to leave
I would have left by now
But you’re the only that knows me
Better that I know myself

KFC = Kupon Free Cancel ?

Consumers are raging because of what happened yesterday. A small mistake by KFC Malaysia have cost them to face their branding humiliation, yet again. The first was when a video of a KFC staff playing in the kitchen went viral over the internet (I think you could google it up if you wanna watch it). Consumers were all raging because the act was really inappropriate and disgusting :/

IF you haven't know it yet, yesterday KFC released a KFC voucher that allows consumers to claim a free double zinger burger set with any purchase and it is valid up to a certain date - January 15th 2012. At first I was thinking, wah, how generous of KFC! Many friends and people went to "test water" to see if the voucher was valid, turns out to be true. But confusion among the outlets had allowed many people to claim the set for FREE without any purchase at all. Some bought just their drinks and get their double zinger burger set. Awesome deal, no?

But the problem came when KFC realized their mistake (too awesome deal and they are not making profit I supposed?) and several hours later, they removed the voucher and said that it was "out of stock". So, this left consumers raging. Some angry cause they tipu la, cakap no stock but still selling :/ Others plain angry cuz they missed out at this awesome deal XD. Saja tamak.

My take on this issue is, KFC never improved, I wanna say padan muka to them but I also feel sorry. I've always been a fan of KFC since young, I love their product but yet how their management works really sucks. If you go to their KFC page now, you'll see great sarcasms from their side when replying comments. Like I always say, Malaysians really fail in terms of service. -_-'

KFC really should sort out their management problems and then improve their marketing. Their marketing sucks to the core. They have breakfast menus but KFC only opens at 11am at certain outlets -_-' They have lunch sets but raised the normal price. Snack plate hiked up to RM11.90 from RM7.90. They say SNAX card is discontinued yet some outlets still accepts them, and there's no clear clarification from their side. Omai, I can go on complaining about their service you know. They should just suck it up, say that they just wanna discontinue the voucher, afterall it's all their rights to do so; instead of saying "out of stock", "didn't expect such overwhelming responses", they should just say they made a mistake -_- OBVIOUSLY THEY DID. Mana got such a good deal one?!

Also, past bad experiences with workers in KFC left me raging too :P and when it comes to complain, they never bothered my emails either! And I've sent 3 emails to them -.-'' So nevermind, forget it. Not that I boycott them, but I really hope they improve their management -_-'

I leave you with this very funny picture :D

Click for better view :P

Food: Groupon: Tony Roma's at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Yesh! Makan post again. I just love to share food pictures, make you all jealous and hungry. Muahahaha. Yes, finally, my external harddisk cooperated with the laptop for AWHILE, sempat aku upload pictures before it beeped again :( I'm praying hard it will get well argh.

Anyhows, this was my first time at Tony Roma's. I've never eaten Tony Roma's in my life before. Yes, I'm sad :P Fortunately, Groupon had about 2-3 deals (I think) previously, so my family got the chance to try :D We just love discounts. Good food at cheap price! I LOVE.

Oh ya, reason why we went to Jalan Yap Kwan Seng's outlet is because the deal was only available here or Mont Kiara, which was obviously further away from where I stay.

So anyway, the place was not crowded, we saw many families coming in holding a piece of paper, assuming of course it's the groupon voucher. Hehehe. Place was nice, sleepy lightings as usual but good ambiance.

 Mum actually bought two deals, ohoho. So there's more options on what we can eat. So in the end, we had one of each type. Pictures coming up! Prepare to salivate. Oh, see Ruh's bored face there? Ngehehee.

Food came with soup too :D I forgot what soup is this T_T but it's nice :D

POTATO SOUP. I told you I love anything with potatoes didn't I? Needless to say, I love it ^_^

Complimentary bread with garlic. Alamak, the garlic not strong enough. :P But the bread's warm, so it's nice. Unlike a lot of other restaurants that serves cold bread -_-' Oh btw, look at the muka bajet. 

This, is Bountiful Beef Ribs - Roma Rack. This is good. This is awesome. This is marvelous. This is enchanting. Okay, I really can't find the suitable adjective to describe it but it is THAT good. I think this is my first time, or my first few times having ribs. With BBQ sauce or honey, I think this has become my favourite food now. Thinking of it also makes me salivate :( Oh, this deal was originally RM 77.50 but mum got it for RM 38 from Groupon. OHOHO. 

Mojo Chicken. Original price was RM 58.90, deal was for RM 25.20. Good deal good deal, cause the portion was big, and there was rice. Make you super full. This was good also. :D Tender chicken, enough marination, and oh! Broccolis, are my favourite :D

Grilled Salmon. The value for this is the same with Mojo Chicken, same deal. I love salmon to the max, but after it's grilled and no longer raw, somehow I don't really fancy it as much as when it is still raw. Ohoho. With rice also! Eek. Make you super full again. 

Beef Short Ribs. Same deal with the Bountiful Beef Ribs as it is as good! Already with gravy. Yum Yum Yum. But still, the winner for all the dish would be the bountiful beef ribs ^_^ 

My sister say actually there's four choices of their famous sauce but for our table, we got 1 honey, 1 BBQ and 2 red hot chilli sauce. :3 But it was enough to satisfy us because the honey and BBQ was really good. 

One thing that Tony Roma's could improve is that, the cloth stinked ._. LOL. It had some kind of smell, which I cannot explain but it was unpleasant. And please, don't mistake me as going around sniffing people's cloth ok. It's because it was used to wipe our mouth. :P

Finally, drink a lot a lot of water, because it's free :P And it's good for health.

Salivating already? Apparently, this outlet is better than the one in Mid Valley. So,

Go nom nom at:

No. 33, Lot 5, Ground Floor, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

Kuala Lumpur, 50450

P. 603-2161-0200


Sometimes, we get so used to something because we do it so often that is gets so familiar. But does familiarity breeds contempt? I know how things can go very routine-ish and you get bored because as humans, don't we just like a change? A holiday escapade is always nice because there's a change in environment. But coming back to my question, does familiarity really breeds contempt?

I think not. I think I've played so many times of pictionary and charades over the past few years with the same group of people on the same occassions - usually retreats. And at some point of time, we even can guess the answer even before the person starts drawing/acting. It was until that extent where we became sooo familiar with the game.

But, it was still fun :D I guess it's not about the subject in the things we do, it's our attitude. In my time of playing pictionary and charades, it was pure joy and fun with close friends though throughout the time of the game, we may have some frustrations over some friend who are not really good at acting/drawing/guessing :P

Our attitude always determines on how we respond to things because attitudes is the indicator for expectations. Different expectations, different attitudes. Different attitude, different results. Even with people, how can people date since their teens or 20s and get married and spend the rest of their life together? Won't they get bored? Familiarity breeds contempt? I guess they have set their expectations from the very beginning, to grow old together with that one person in their life that they have committed to, at the altar.

Overquoting Albert Eistein now, we all believe in - "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results"

Malaysian Taxi Drivers

This post is inspired after a class in CTS (Critical Thinking Skills).

Taxi drivers are supposed to be people in the service line, bringing people from one place to another. It's a profession. But no, generally, Malaysian taxi drivers knows nothing about this word: service.

Here are top 6 reasons why Malaysian taxi drivers are disliked, or even hated.


If I've not mistaken taxi drivers are supposed to wear their uniforms, in which the taxi drivers looks so messy because it's not tucked in, and it is creased, plus their hair looked as if it's not combed : bad impression.


They jam up the roads! Thanks for lining up at the roads your bapak own. And, causing more congestions. Thanks man, really, thanks.

#4 - Dirty taxis

Dirty taxis, messy taxis and the worst, smelly taxis. Smelly because the whole taxi actually smell like I'm like an ashtray. -_-' Just overall, bad maintenance of the taxi.

#3 - "Sorry cik/encik, I dunu where"

They don't know where you want to head to. Ironically, it is actually their job, their profession and therefore they should know. But nope, they don't. And most of the time they will even ask you to show the way. It's like the chef in a restaurant asking you to show him/her how to cook. 

#2 - "Sorry, jam lah!"

You need to tell them your location and ask them first before you sit in their taxi. They can refuse their service because it's inconvenient for them, due to the jam. The heck? Seriously, uncle?!

#1 - "RM30. Takde meter sini"

How many times were you ticked off and ripped off by taxi drivers who refused to use the meter? Ridiculously and ironically, yet again, although there's a big sign on their taxi saying "NO BARGAIN" and "taxi bermeter", they actually set a price already for your trip, regardless of place. -_-''

There are more reasons. Driving recklessly, what? I personally dislike taxi drivers because of my own experience on the road. They really do a lot of "funny" stuffs that can really drive people up the wall you see.

Of course, this does not apply to ALL. I'm speaking of a general case. I do know of a few taxi drivers that are actually good taxi drivers.