Thrill3r Project: Riverboarding

On July 16th, I managed have this chance to go to riverboarding at Gopeng. This is organized by Jack N' Jill Roller Coaster and I was one of lucky 10 who got chosen to join them, much thanks to :D And also I can bring one friend along, and I brought Lulu along. :D I mean, Tse Ling XD

Gathered at Centrepoint, journeyed there in two separate vans and reached Gopeng, the area for riverboarding around say...10? The equipments and stuffs were in Adeline's Villa. Kinda nice place.

I'm so round. T^T. Yes, I realize that. That's like the full equipment minus the board itself. Changing into these took time because first of all, the overall was like painfully tight! Takes times to pull it, skin to skin tight. Next, they have to make sure we wore it right. So they actually helped us to "wear" those safety jackets, helmets and choose the right sizes for us. Oh, the shoe was painfully tight too T^T. After wearing the suit for 5 minutes, be prepared to feel like as if you're in a sauna. YES, I'm not exaggerating -.-'

Tse Ling :D

After the changing of the equipments part, we rode on a truck to go to the riverside. Immediately, we were asked to go into the river and start our adventure. In order to finish the adventure, survival skills is very important. Basically, it was a VERY bumpy ride for me. :( And I nearly drown. Sorry folks, those wishing that I would not come back, sorry I came back in one piece. XD Water sports is really not my thing, and I can't even swim. :( I have some kind of water-phobia goodness me, but I wonder why I still wanted to go for riverboarding. Honestly, I was quite hesitant to join this activity in the first place but thinking that it was a free trip and also might be my once in a lifetime chance to experience this, might as well just appreciate this opportunity :P

Back to the story where I was nearly drowned :x I'm one of the weakest person in the team.. I was rushed away by the current each time, much thanks to my low level of intelligence in body movement -_-'' And also there were very huge rocks around and I banged into them -_- Besides the experience, I got back a very big bruise at my pelvic bone and even my butt was hurting -_-''


Me and the angmoh instructor, who saved me from drowning. Wuwuwu. Thank you for saving my life. I am deeply grateful. Well, hahaa. He was a very professional instructor.

Well due to safety reasons, 20 of us were divided into 2 groups. So, I was in the first group. It took close to 2 hours to complete the first lap of the whole riverboarding adventure. Then, those who wanted to go for the 2nd lap can go ahead, while others can rest. I stayed back because I was like going crazy half-way through the first lap and feeling like dying already because I was so "traumatized" after almost drowning XD Tse Ling went ahead, took close to another 1 hour to finish the lap too. By the end of it, we're almost K.O dy.

However, since we're group no.1, we were given time to rejuvenate. LOL. We waited for 4 hours for group 2 to finish like how they waited for us. Four hours without phone line, wifi or anything really kills. XD Most of us just slacked around while waiting to kill time. Tse Ling studied cause that week she was having finals. I managed to sleep off for about 30 minutes. Then continue to stoned and walk around, slacked and killed more time. Kinda torturing, but I guess this gives us the chance that we needed to be calm and just enjoy nature. The Adeline's villa was really shady and we only get to hang around in the makan area. But it was not too bad, at least we get to sit around and sleep if we wanted to :P

Anyway, two of the guys from our team went to makan durian at the kampung because they were bored too. It was kinda far away, they borrowed motors from the owner I guess. XD Then, they actually brought back durians for us to eat! LOL. Tse Ling and I were so happy to feast on them :P And guess what? They say they only paid RM3. HAHAH. Nice weh. Durians for RM3 O: Anyway, just wanna say thank you to the 2 Malay chaps :) They were reallly nice peeps :D

Other highlight of this trip to Riverboarding was... we only left for KL at 9pm O: goodness. Supposed to leave at 6pm but got delayed :( Well, in exchanged, we got a ride on the truck into the town area and experienced the feel of being inside a PSP. XD. It was dark and on the way out, it was windy and the driver was like speeding cause it was late. LOL. There were many trees around and everytime we were approaching, we managed to duck in time. And it was drizzlingggg, added oomph to the experience. LOL. It was really fun until the rain got a lil heavy and our face started to hurt O: XD

So yeah, we reached KL before the clock struck 11. -_- the van driver was really like speeding at 110-130 km/h the whole journey. I noticed there were huge trailers around the road hogging the fast lane. Goodness, move to the left lane please heavy vehicles -_-''

Ah well, tees from Jack N' Jills and I think they distributed goodie bags. We didn't get it cause we left early XD. I stole this picture off pictures ;x Sorry. Photo credits back to you guys :D This was part of the people that went for the trip together with us. Some left early like us too cause it was like really late dy. I reached home at 12. O:

Overall, it was a good experience. Enjoyed myself and it's enough I experience this just once. XD Once is good enough :P

Sorry, no pictures from me, and none from the riverboarding part because our camera were not waterproofed. And all photo credits to Tse Ling and last one from :D

A huge shoutout to for inviting me for this trip and am very proud to be part of this community! :DD

Lastly, take a look at this video made by one of guy from my group that day :)

Write 2# - Essay: Causes and Effects of Child Prostitution

It's gloomy today. Rained awhile.. Feel like typing a long blog post but no inspiration O: So, here you go. An essay I wrote for English homework :/

The Causes and Effects of Child Prostitution

Child prostitution has long been a concern of child advocates. While the children's rights movement is not very prominent in Malaysia, the people of the United States continues to advocate for children's rights. Today, child prostitution continues to be a problem of significance importance globally, especially in the United States, with an increased number of teens falling into prostitution. One cannot mistaken that child prostitution only involves the girls as studies have shown that the number of males under age 16 that are involved in prostitution are equally as many as girls. Therefore, it is important for the society to tackle this global issue by finding its root causes and looking into them to find solutions.

Juveniles who enter prostitution are often from similar backgrounds. Most, if not all are from dysfunctional family system. Statistics have shown that 70 percent of juvenile prostitutes were raised by one parent. Poor relationships with parents and other family members can affect the self-development of a child. The lack of social skills in a child can be a hindrance from building self-confidence thus leading the child to feel worthless and useless. Consequently, they are easily victimized and exploited by pimps, who praise their worth as sex objects. The children who suffered from neglect also felt compelled to leave their homes, as they want to seek for attention elsewhere then eventually got themselves involved in prostitution. Pimps, who often speaks with a forked tongue, took advantaged of these children and manipulates them. Therefore, it is important for families to foster care among each other to avoid making children feel vulnerable and worthless.

Other than the dysfunctional family systems, money is also a primary factor that made children involved in prostitution. Most girls that are involved in prostitution have poor self-concept and seek money as compensation. Although some parents may be the ones that force their children to be involved in prostitution due to financial problems, it is usually the children themselves that start prostituting in order to survive as they have described their earnings as "easy money". The culture of society can also very much affect how child prostitution becomes a norm to the society as it is seen as a normal means to earn a living in the shortest time being. This however, does not justify the actions of prostituting because two wrongs don't make a wrong. Hence, it is important to address this issue in the right manner where the society embrace the right culture that is edifying to one another.

The two main factors - dysfunctional family and money - that 'encourages'  juvenile into prostitution can lead to many more problems. The children that are in prostitution are often abused sexually by pedophiles. The sexual abuse will have a lasting traumatic effect on them for the rest of their lives as they struggle to set free from what they have gotten themselves into. The sexual abuse can also result in children being blackmailed and pornographic materials are created out of them. Although boys are often able to exit from prostitution and lead relatively normal lives, girls are more likely to continue by going into adult prostitution as a means of survival. Then, when they have their own children, their children will also get involved in the cycle. This results in child prostitution generation after generations and there must be a stop to this.

The other problems include having multiple sex partners is accepted as a norm in life. Individuals no longer feel violated or manipulated as they grew up in the environment that accepts prostitution. The victims of child prostitution may have suffered severe emotional and physical abuse but may not learnt how to deal with it but rather, they accept it as part of their life. The offenders will also no longer be punished or held responsible for what they have done but they will continue to manipulate and take advantage of other children. Many more children will be victims in prostitution if they aren't aware of the dangers of being a child prostitute. Therefore, right now, it is time to raise the awareness level of the public about child prostitution.

Children are supposed to be nurtured, cared and protected but many people had took advantage of their innocence in lief. The efforts of the children right movement alone is never enough but with the help of the society, the effort will grow by leaps and bounds which will result in seeing children across the world achieve their own dreams as they grow to become an adult. With the help and support from every party to migitate child prostitution, the world can be a better place for each and every child, including those who were victims and were affected by prostitution. However, until the society understands the dangers of child prostitution, it will be difficult to provide children with the protection they need and deserve.

:) Taadaa. Finish. Salute if you read each and every line :P Please correct me if I made grammatical mistakes and such. Thanks!

Marche at The Curve, Damansara

Ruhwey and the cow.

This is quite overdue about 2 weeks ago. Hehe. So, we had a surprise birthday dinner with Joynn at Marche at the Curve. It's my second time here after many many many years ago. My first time was more than 6 years ago, and I can't even remember what I ate then.

It's easy to spot Marche as long as you see the cow above in the street walk. Just a fun fact, Marche (pronounced as Mar-shay) literally means market in French. So, the concept of this restaurant is basically like a marketplace. Of course, it's a very high class and clean one. :P

That was some of us, chilling after decorating the place with balloons. Other pictures were much more blurry, thus lazy to upload -.- Nevermind, you won't be disappointed with the food pictures later I hope O:

Blurrrryyy pictures. Please excuse it. That was our private chamber for the night. We were seated at the Swiss Auberge section. Cool eh? Just imagine walking with that many balloons and fitting them all inside one car. LOL amazing I must say. I'm impressed. So after waiting, we were told to hide as Jo's gonna come anytime soon.. So, hiding it is. But after the 5th minute of squatting down and trying to avoid being seen, everyone's like "faster lahhhhhhhhhhhh"..

So alas, bravo we manage to surprise her. Bet she didn't expected. Wahahaa. Although she said she suspected. Yea right.

Hi! It's me with the birthday girl. And with specs. And fat :( Sobs. Ok next.

Some pictures around the restaurant as we wonder around trying to figure out what to eat. Here in Marche, no one's gonna come to you and take your order. You gotta go and see for yourself what you would like to eat, then, place your order. After that, come collect it when it's done, they will tell you how long it will take approximately :P Oh, beware, it's as if it's buffet style. But no, it's not! Just a reminder, cause I feel like taking whatever I saw too XD

Ruhwey with the fruits. If I didn's mistaken this was the fruit juice counter. So market-ish like right? By the way, don't you think that the colour of this picture is very striking aye? I didn't edit the colours or anything for this picture. So nicest for photography T.T If only got DSLR kan? :x

Enough of random pictures. There's more later, for now, food picture time!! XD

Grilled fish, I forgot what species of fish but definitely not dory -_-' This was KLing's meal. Yummeh. Got veggie and potato o_o" Add on I think for the potato, not sure about the veggie.

Grilled striploin aka beef. No veggie!!! Looks very dry right? Actually kind of. This was my meal. O: I wish they had some salad or something. I ordered medium but it was like well done :( To me, it was so-so. In comparison with The Ship's beef I'd take sides with The Ship's :P

Rosti on the left, and lamb on the right. Curi makan from other people thus the smaller portion. XD This is my first time eating rosti and I love it!!! Why I like Rosti? Kan I told you already, I love anything that is of potatoes (link) :P The lamb was okay, I feel bloated that night honestly and didn't have a good appetite. So everything was okay to me -.-'' except rosti! XD

Spaghetti something something? Forgot :/ I felt like vomiting because of the cream. Oh, it's not the full portion by the way. Not fine dining lah, don't worry :P

Oh!! And this pizza!!! I love this pizza tooooooooooooo. After the rosti, this pizza is the next thing I enjoyed eating the most for the night. Heeee. Sedap tau. I know I makan-ed a lot during the night, explains my size :( Sorry loh. But I didn't binge okay T.T

KILLER OF THE NIGHT. Chocolate cake from Godiva. One person made a joke something about Goddessva -_-' lame dou. The chocolate was too overwhelming for most of us. It's tooooo chocolatey you can vomit on the spot if you finish one slice by yourself. See for yourself below.

Every single layer is made from pure chocolate, even the base. Don't expect to find any layer without chocolate :P And this is no spongecake you know. XD Eating the cake is like eating melted chocolated that is shaped in a slice. O: Okay exaggerating. As much as it's very chocolatey and can make you feel. It can also make you feel like you're in heaven liddat also. Okay lah, enough of my hyperbole. Sorry O:

Nothing much already. If you wanna know more about Marche you can google up the other blogs or just simply head on to their website, it's very helpful :) Go here : (link

Ending this blog post with few more random pictures XDD

Moon and balloons :D

Lastly, happy birthday Mojojojo! Although I'm super late :( 
Love you sis ^_^

P/s: I'm sorry for the lack of human pictures cause the camera's problematic and most people don't know how to handle it :( And, I also have a hard time using is because of the problem thus I didn't ask people to take pictures using my camera as I don't want them to stone for a picure O: Sorry lads.

End of Sem 1

Yay! Today marks the day I finish my first semester in college. Officially finished finals today :P Time flies isn't it? I know I haven't really blogged much about college life although I have started since the last week of March. Gosh, it's end of July already!

College has been pretty much the same to me, I don't feel anything exciting in particular but happy things are done very different as compared in school. More commitment, less reliant thus more independent. Also, having "breaks" in between of classes. And most of all, two-way form of interaction from most classes. I must say, I enjoy lectures though I feel like going to sleep mode sometimes. :/ And I thank God for good lecturers :D

These are people I first met in my first two weeks in college. First batch of people I know in college. Most of us are not in the same class for the semester. So just remain hi-bye friends :/ It's somehow interesting though. We only know each other for one week, the next week we've like celebrations for each other cause three of them were April babies. That's pretty much what I have to do with them.

The most fun I had was with my English class classmates :D All very fun and sporting people :) Especially during the oral week, where we have to do a demonstrative presentation, most of them did food/drink preparation. And I as a spectator got the benefit of "food-tasting". We had brownies, sushis, lemonade, mocktail, pancakes and more during the whole week. Awesome time XD We also had a live Kpop dance lol. Entertaining. We took the group picture during the photoshoot week. Our theme was black and red. Obviously -.-

This is us trying out the creative lighting. My brilliant idea. Cough. I love English class :D

College was fun and somehow very stress(hectic) because everything is happening at the same time. I had 3 presentations back-to-back and finals immediately after that. O: Thus, the lack of updates XD. I had my share of unhappiness when my groupmate didn't do his share of work for assignment. Ruxyn being Ruxyn obviously got very, very,  very upset. But I still put his name for the assignment. O: Learn to give grace.. Anyhow, he got the product marks, although he gave zero contribution -.-' Honestly, he should thank me. I don't know what on earth does all these people want to do in college if they can't do simple work and work in groups. LOL. Just saying. :P

Friends part. I'm still myself. I'm very low profile *cheh wah*. Not many friends but I have some that I can go to during the times I need help/overly blur. Yeah, of course, I can't find people to kacau: like Tse Ling or whack: like Sarah, or argue: with Melissa, insult: like Belinda. LOL. I miss them O:

Well, finals is over. Gonna enjoy the holidays. Not really anticipating the new semester for now. Lol. I'm not having any post-exam anxiety either, not like usual. I think I did well and did my best, so I'm hoping for a HD for Maths and maybe Ds if possible for the other subjects.

And I'll update again tomorrow.  :)


For a long time now, if you have noticed, my blog hasn't really contained much words as compared to my first two years in blogging. When I started blogging, this space has always been a place of rant, a place of pouring out feelings, at that moment at that time when I write.

And I find myself smiling and laughing whenever I read back the old posts. It may be silly, maybe even stupid at the point of time when I wrote it, but what I wrote was from my heart and mind.. without much filter of course. I stopped writing too much personal stuffs on my blog because I find myself being wreckless in the things I wrote. I only wrote about things that I felt personally, and because I am impulsive and emotional at that very moment and time of sadness or anger, I tend to write things that may hurt others because of my choice of words. And I also realize the danger of expressing too much on a space that is open for all. And that's the point I have took off the whole idea of writing personal thoughts.

But, as much as I have been filtering my thoughts and words in blogging in the past 1 year or so, I truly missed the very reason I have started blogging. To just write for myself, and not for anyone else. I have always love penning down thoughts, positive or negative. And likewise, typing out thoughts have of course been much easier than "writing" writing.

And so, I will be back pretty soon :)

I miss having the spirit of a true blogger.

Dark Knight Trilogy Poster

Saw this poster made by a fan, creative much?

He/She combined the 3 official posters and made into one. Very cool.

Updates #13 - HELP Matriculation Centre (HMC) Leadership Camp 2011

I'm gonna talk about the worst camp of my life, I repeat the WORST. Yes, I'm so jealous, so not satisfied that I went to Genting and not the other camps. March intake students were split into 3 different camp groups - Bukit Tinggi, Gopeng and Genting. And Genting was the most pathetic one. Yes, we had a kind of proper place to stay, maybe a fresher air, but in all other aspects, it sucks.

We had almost a total of 11 hours of talks, like a seminar and only less than 4 hours of outdoor activities. And our outdoor activities was just mainly finding clues around. THAT's ALL. While the other camps did 11 hours of outdoor activities, ranging from group games, water rafting and more! And they only have a maximum of 2 hour session for talks. Totally sucks. Was on the brink of being bored to death seriously. And then, about 2/3 of people also got food poisoning! I tell you it was horrible.

The toilets and sinks were clogged. It was dusty everywhere. So typical Malaysian place. OMG. Why such a horrible management?

And I hate one of the speakers for the stupid talk. All the was talking was about money money and money. Success = money. Some brainwash session. Hello? Money is not everything. I decided to google him up when I was back from camp. Guess what? He's from money tree corp. NO WONDER. Whatever.

I hated the session because of his emphasis on certain things that I totally do not agree with. I hate it when people always associate success with money. You may be poor, have nothing in material form, but you are still successful if you manage to build a home of comfort for your family. Like it or not, not everyone can be rich! No matter what all these motivation speakers tell you: how much you can do if you are determined, some people are just not meant to be rich. So just freaking accept the fact..

Blablabla. Actually there's more, but I don't want to say anymore. Forget it. After all it's like a month past already I think. :P Don't simpan dendam. BUT I STILL FEEL UNFAIR. Because everyone says HMC Leadership Camp is like very fun. All I got was boredom. Argh.

I hope other intakes won't suffer the same thing. :( I'm sad

*This is an overdue post. Hehe.

The Ship, Pertama Complex

Went to The Ship at Pertama Complex with my family during the last Father's Day for dinner. 

Ruh and mum


Me, yes I realize I'm very round -.-' don't mention :3

Escargot! Nom nom nom. Sedap, not very cheesy until you feel like puking. (:

My sirloin steak :D sizzling hot when it came out. I rikes. I ordered medium and it was good. Nom nom. I love beef :x


Garlic steak. Nice jugak. Not too garlic-ish, so it won't make you go drinking water after every 2 minutes. 

Chicken Maryland. Not a fan of chicken maryland comment xD

Ruh ate black pepper steak but no pictures cause it's blurry. -.-''

Well, nothing much to say about The Ship XD. The ambiance is alright. I love the setting but I dislike low lightings. Food is obviously good. Price is okay.. 

Anyway, it's been a very long time since I have last been there. So, good time.