Food : Jogoya Buffet Promotion

(pssttt: that is not me, if you think it is O_O)
Aki's birthday last Tuesday, just one day before SPM results was out. I made myself available for her XD. 22/3 She helped us booked a place in Jogoya to celebrate with her, got special promotion. Great opportunity to hang out also, been ages since I went out with friends :( By the way, I think I got fatter again. Sigh.

Bolognese! Story : I'm pretty sure this is bolognese and no carbonara :( I ordered carbonara but was served bolognese, I whined several times XD. Was dreading to finish it. Ish. :(

Coconuts, one of the favourite drinks in Jogoya. You need to 'pok' the coconut yourself though. "Hard work" *wipes sweat* 

Haagen Dazs and New Zealand ice creams available. For Haagen Dazs, Jogoya placed their worker to scoop for you. New Zealand ice cream, self service. Obvious reasons why lol. Anyway, the flavour weren't very very awesome. I'd only like Haagen Dazs' Belgium Chocolate and Green Tea.

Overall, averagely good.

Variety : Quite a reasonable lot of variety. 3/5
Presentation : Food looks ok. 3/5
Taste : Good but not awesome. I'd choose Shangri-la over Jogoya. 3/5
Ambiance : Nice, but I hate the dark lighting. 3/5

Not my first time there, but I agree with everyone else. The quality dropped. D: Or am I too fussy?

 Self-timer group picture :D

After lunch, we went to lowyat and sing karaoke. Actually it's them. I didn't hold the mike. XD I have phobia against it. :P


Write #1

And on the dusty road, I begged
I beg for the mercy of the passerby
As he walked across the street
I asked him
Oh, dear sir, spare me your mercy
He looked at me
With disgust
Loathe expressed through his eyes
His sight pierced through my soul
He said nothing
Yet when I touched him
He shrugged me off
And though he saw me suffering
He said
Go away from me
He withdrew as I drew nearer
Away from me!
He repeated
I retreated
I begged again
And again
And again when I saw people
People that are similar
Yet so different
Same kind
Same properties in the body
Same kind of species
Same - I have needs
So do they
Yet I am still worthless
I asked why?
Even as I begged each day
Why am I worthless?
Who had defined me as worthless?
Do they? Do I?
I stood up
I walked through the people I see everyday
I waked pass them
They stared at me
Eyes wide open
Not believing what they have just seen
This man,
That man? That is the same man that was on the street?
Each day begging for mercy? For money?
Is it him?
They wonder.
I never left.
But I did for the first time
No, I'm not letting them define me
I'm going to be different.
As they always say
I will be the change
I will be different.
So what?
So what if I was living on the streets
So what?
I'm standing now.
Standing proud.
Standing on solid ground.
And I will soar high
One day..
One day, I will as you wait.
You wait.
And I wait.
For that moment.
Of time.
Once in a life time.

Merit Scholarships for SPM - HELP University College

I know some of my friends are still considering where to go after their SPM and finding for good scholarships. Just sharing here about HELP's scholarship for SPM.

7 A/A+ = RM 5000
8 A/A+ = RM 13000
9 A/A+ = RM 15000
10 A/A+ = RM 17000

HELP Foundation Program
5 A = RM 1250
6 A = RM 1500
7 A = RM 3000
8 A- = RN 7000
9 A- = RM 12000
9 A/A+ = RM 17600

ADP Program

6 A = RM 1500
7 A = RM 3000
8 A- = RN 5000
9 A- = RM 7000
9 A/A+ = RM 9000

Contact 603-20942000 or go to for more info :)

Update #7 - In 3 Months

First three month of 2011 is about to end, how time flies. And I'm gonna start college in 4 days! Amazing how time flies seriously.

So what did I do in this three months? Having a hard time to flash back really, vague memories. Probably spend too much time at home XD. Let's see. Event sequence might not be in order.

1) Celebrated New Year 2011 in Korea, the best trip ever in my life, so far. XD I know I still haven't blog about it yeah but I'll do it some time later. Was blessed by Hoong Fong with RM100 from MCD (link). Thanks! :)

2) Oh yes, also went out to have steamboat with some of the classmates. How can I forget that? Good times together but was soooo short.

3) Started undang and stuffs like that, leading to getting my license earlier this month. But I haven't touch the steering ever since I passed for now. Hehehehehe.

4) Celebrated Chinese New Year, no one came to my house this time, kinda sad because my family did most of the visitings this year. So went to many people's house. Ended up getting heavier a few kilo(s) because we have to finish the cookies and stuffs by ourselves. XD Angpow collection was alright.

5) Collected my free CD for Ruhwey - Brian Joo - from Sony Music Malaysia.

6) Won RM88 gift certificate from 7-Eleven and I've yet to collect it.

7) Celebrated Aki's birthday few days ago, will blog about it soon if I have the time.

8) And just yesterday, probably the highlight of the whole 3 months. The agonizing period of waiting for SPM result is finally over. The verdict? 5a's 2b's 3c's. It's amazing I've actually got more C's than B's. XDD Anyway, people wanna know the full details. I might as well just write it here...

BM - A+
English - A
Moral - A
Sejarah - A
Maths - A
Add Maths - C+
Physics - B+
Chemistry - C
Biology - B
BK - C+

When I got the results, I took a look overall results, didn't even count the amount of A's I've gotten, and when I look at BK, my heart was crushed. Filled with disappointed right away, and really couldn't control my emotions. Cried. I took up BK - Bible Knowledge as a challenge to make a difference when almost, if I can say, 80% of Christian students decided not to take BK because it's always hard to score and all sort of reasons/excuses. I took up BK not because I want another A in my results just for the sake of scholarship and being competitive with others because I've got an extra A, but because I want to encourage others that BK is hard, but you can score, and you should take it up as a challenge for yourself and to testify to others. But...look's like I can't say that now..

I am, really disappointed with my BK results. I was aiming for an A, hoping to make Ms Moey proud and I'll also take pride that I can testify to others. But no, I didn't... Am I saddened because I didn't get an A? Definitely, but not because I want another A in my slip to make it look nice, but because I really want to score well in BK. Even a B+ will make me happy. But C+, is just unacceptable for me...But I got some encouragement along the way. Thanks people =)

And though I may not have got the result I want for BK in SPM, I never regret taking up this subject. I've learnt a lot from Ms Moey and still proud to be a student that dares to take up the challenge to sit for this subject in SPM.

As for the other subjects, I'm pretty contented. Already expected to get those results based on my own evaluation from trial and the exam itself, I already know. Surprisingly, I actually scored an A+ for BM eh? And not English. Hahahaha, I need to brush up on my English :)

Thank God, that I improved in Physics, from fail to B+. Thank God, I was able to get C+ in Add Maths, though I know the gradings are just alphabets which bears no meaning for this subject as I know, I'm an F in Add Maths. The graph is just very very low, and I know that :) Thank God, I got C in Chemistry even though I didn't go for tuition, it's my worst subject and the subject I hate most. Thank God, I got B for Biology, never go to tuition either hahaha. That was totally unexpected.

All in all, I think I deserved this result based on my effort hahahha. But whatever it is, it's over now.. But just a thought here. Somehow, I feel I'm expected to get straight a's from the replies and questions I get from people. Because I was a straight a's student for UPSR and PMR. And people don't believe me when I tell them I'm just an average student in form 4 and form 5. I had failed a couple of papers throughout some of the exams. They don't believe me. Why is that...? I'm not the kind of person who have false humility. If I'm good at something I'd say I'm good at it, if not I'll say no.

Sometimes, expectations makes me feel like a failure because I never lived up to the expectation. I have dozens of friends who excelled in SPM, glad for them but am I envious? Sure will, human nature, of course I wished I had that same kind of results too, but I'm really genuinely glad for them.

High school and SPM is a phase of life I've gone through now, and it's the end of the chapter already for that phase. A new journey is beginning...

Japan in Turmoil

With all the latest headlines about the disasters hitting Japan, there's a lot of buzz here and there throughout the world especially in the media; social media. You can see people setting up pages, retweeting, reposting statuses about the disasters that is happening in Japan. From the first disaster - the earthquake followed by a tsunami shortly after; that swept away thousands of lives and hundred thousands of homes then, consequently leading to the explosions and leaking of radioactive gases from nuclear reactors causing radiation levels to increase x10 and currently, blizzard while the search and rescue teams continue their efforts in saving people in evacuating and such.

You see many people including famous artistes contributing/donating money to the victims, mostly by channelling the sales of their tickets from their concerts/merchandises but it requires the public to buy them. I think while it is a nice gesture that the artistes contributes/donates but I also think that it is their marketing strategy to get the public to buy what they are selling but at the same time they are doing "charity" for the Japanese. While offering financial aid could be very helpful to the Japanese, but I guess it just wouldn't help them as much at all.

At the moment, I wouldn't say I understand how the Japanese feel as I've never experienced any disasters of that sort myself. No earthquakes nor tsunami, not even flood. I guess while having some money does comfort them a little but having to survive the frightening disasters probably have set an impact on their lives forever. I really cannot fully understand how will they feel now. Probably they will live in fear, forever, for not knowing what will happen next. Probably sorrow, as they watched how the disasters robbed the lives of their precious ones. Probably anger and confusion, as they do not understand why this of all people in the world, happened to them instead. But, I'll never fully comprehend how they feel.

While many efforts are made by the various country officials and organizations to try to help the Japanese rebuild the areas affected, how much can we really help them as ordinary individuals? I'm not sure if the "5mil clicks for Japan" in Facebook is that helpful after all or even the events that are created like "Pray for Japan". Not like they are really meeting up together to pray for Japan but just another event created to join in the hoo-ha in my opinion. More ridiculously, changing your profile picture to a Japanese flag to show support. Seriously? Changing your profile picture is a show of support? I find it very degrading and shallow. Hahahaha, seriously how does that help them? Not relevant. I find it also very hypocritical for people who've never said a thing about current issues and such suddenly showing so much feelings towards the Japanese. Never see them said a thing about the earthquake in Christ Church, New Zealand, which happened not too long ago.

Why? Is it because of the huge publicity from the media about the Japanese disasters have somehow moved the public to be interested? Because everyone is talking about it and being part of the topic is cool? Or because they are truly genuine in their sympathetic attitude towards the Japanese? Pity, in this case is a word too shallow to express how we felt for the Japanese. I don't think they need pity at all. Not even sympathy.

I think, in my opinion what the Japanese need now is stop all the publicity stunts and what not. It is as if we are really giving them support. Ask yourself, what is behind all these that we are doing? Creating/joining/liking pages and events kononnya, we want to (show) support them but what we are really doing is trying to glorify ourselves because kononnya we're concern about these souls. Not helpful, not supportive. But instead show them real, relevant support - offering your earnest prayer silently, alone or even donating money the amount you really want to bless them with through the right channels available. And you don't have to announce "I'm praying for Japan" in facebook or twitter seriously, it is not required for God to listen to our prayers. They are facing a rough phase now - economically, physically and emotionally. What we can do least, is pray. In our prayer, we also express our hopes to Him and hope is for those who believe. And if we are hopeful, that means we also believe that the prayers we uttered will make a difference.

My thoughts are with the Japanese though I really confess, I can never understand whatever that they are going through now. But I know what it is like to lose someone you love...

As we have many questions as of why this happened to the Japanese, do we still believe that God still loves the Japanese? Do not doubt and as for the many questions we have of why He allowed this to happen and etc, I may not have the answer but I know that if any humans can answer the questions they don't need God anymore. That's why in the first place we need Him. Don't forget. :)

Jesus loves me, and this I know.

Sam Tsui 'Album' Covers Images 2

More 'album' covers for Sam Tsui! I did most of them, I think I didn't do a few including For Good and Nothin' On You only. ;X Anyhows, enjoy :) Please do share with other fans or leave a comment here on what you think about it. Thanks! Ohhh, and do feel free to re-use or re-post the images. :D Just maybe link it back to me that's all. Appreciate it. Tenkius. :D

Bruno Mars Concert Live In Kuala Lumpur (10 April 2011) Ticket Price, Seatings and Discounts/Offers

In my previous post, I mentioned that Bruno Mars is coming to KL woots! I bet all of you are wondering how much are the tickets, where to buy Bruno Mars concert tickets etc. :D So just gonna share some details with you guys here.

Ticket price is listed, as you can see from the poster. 

Prices of ticket varies : 
1) RM 125, RM 153, RM 259 for Regular Price & After Completion of Maxis Offer.
2) RM 107, RM 131, RM 221 for Maxis Subscribers 15% (11th March - 26th March)

Updates* : Apparently,  Level 5 and Level 6 tickets are sold out. 
The only ones left are Rock Zone tickets. :(

The seatings can be seen in the image above :)

Terms and Conditions

1) Ticket prices above include RM3 ticketing fee. 
2) 1 ticket admits 1 person ONLY, no sharing of seats.
3) Infant and children below 15 are not allowed, children of 15 years and above require a ticket.
4) RM25 re-printing fee will be charged for damaged tickets.
5) Strictly NO photography, video and audio recording is allowed.
6) Once tickets are sold, NO exchanges or cancellations will be entertained.

Source : Ticketpro

Discount and Offer

1) Get Bruno Mars caller ringtone bundle for RM10 and enjoy 15% off concert tickets.
2) Available from 12th-25th March 2011
3) Send GET BRUNO to 29000 and present your SMS notification at Ticketpro counters to redeem your concert tickets. 
4) Login to for more details 

Source : Maxis


Sam Tsui 'Album' Covers Images

I did all of the album covers above today and will be doing more if not all of Sam Tsui's covers. If you think it's nice and you want to use them, do feel free to use it. But just do credit it back to me. It'll be nice if you do. Thanks all :)