McDonald's Malaysia 'Joy of Prosperity'

Well, one a random day a few weeks ago, Hoong Fong suddenly asked me whether I'm free because he wanted to pass me something. Then, he said he coming on Monday (17th Jan) around 1 pm to pass me something. He mentioned something about dressing nicely. And I ignored what he said hahaha. I kept asking him what was the thing he wanted to pass to me, then he said SURPRISE and being suspicious all over it -_-; Fine.

When the day came, I was msn-ing with him, summore he said he will be late because his sister was not back yet. Then I heard noises outside, and I took a look. (I tend to be easily suspicious after the robbery a few years ago..) I saw a few people coming out from the car and wearing something red over their body (it was actually aprons, but I can't see -_-'') so I thought they were setting up booths nearby probably doing some promotion. Then, I continued using the comp lor hor. Then suddenly got people, rang the bell of my house.

-_-; It was the few people that come out from the car, and they were asking for "TANG RUXYN", in mandarin D: But ehh, I was blur that time, I was like.. "Yeaaaa, I am?" LOL. Then they ask me to go out. So.. uh okay, I went out. You see, I wasn't wearing specs at that time, so my vision was blurry -_-; Then I came out and they said they are from the McD Joy of Prosperity Team. They said my friend, Hoong Fong nominated me and he won. Then they sang a cheer, took photos and gave me vouchers. OMG, I can't tell you how shocked I was. I was literally stunned -_-;

AND, I was underdressed. Like. *ohmalugilaishudhavelistenedtowhattheliarsaid*. So, I got TIPU-ed by one of my closest friend ever. LOL. I feel like smacking him when I returned to the comp after that. -_-; Anyhows, I was really happy in a way, and STILL SHOCKED. Oh well, I was given a polaroid picture YAY! But McD also uploaded the picture to their site.. -_- Nice. -_______-;;

taken from McDonald's Malaysia FacebookWall Photos

They enclosed RM90 instead of RM100 :x some errors I guess but still happy! :D :D :D

My copy of polaroid :P

So anyhow, I wanna thank Hoong Fong here. OMG, I know this freak since standard 4. And Mister, I still wanna know WHAT YOU WROTE for the contest!

Swift Giveaway By AMBP


What's the name of Taylor Swift's third studio album? 

Obviously, Speak NOW!



Well, Taylor Swift is well known for her song-writing skill. What she writes and sings reflects on her life. 

Now what I like is that she is PRETTY, YOUNG, BRAVE, TALENTED. LOL. Looks-wise she's beautiful, and she's young so we're gonna see her for a long time now and she's already bagged a few Grammys in her pocket at a young age, such an inspiration. Why I say that she is brave is because she have the guts to write songs about GUYS in her life. Hahaha. She must be a sweetheart of everyone. Talent-wise not many people can write songs. Most importantly, the lyrics of the songs she writes bears meaning unlike many other songs which is just too repetitive. =/

*seee, soooo pretty*

She is also like the girl-next-door kind and so she is humble and everyone for sure would like her. I mean which hater would be so mean to hate such a nicer girl? XD

Well, if I were to answer why I like Taylor Swift in slogan and win something from AMBP I'd say ... 

because she's charming, absolutely talented, real and most importantly today was a fairytale if I won a CD and tee from AMBP and I'd share my love story to everyone if I did and if I don't I wish I could go back to december to earn money during the holidays to get myself one!

If only I could get her CD for free and also a T-shirt from AMBP, I'd gladly wear it, proudly. And people would probably be jealous of me then. HAHAHAA.

Who doesn't know that her latest video released - "Back to December" is becoming a hit? Well, if you haven't just watch it here ok? ;)

Adios :) Hopefully I'm chosen XD

Quote 2#

Quote 1#

Lol, so tumblr-ish. XD

Update 3#

Hurhur, the fact that I'm still inserting random pictures for updates and trying to keep this blog alive indicates that I STILL have not fixed the external hard drive since I haven't been updating about trip to Korea yet and everything else. Sigh. Probably also  because I'm lazy also? No, that's not it.

Anyhow, I've been writing random stuffs over FB LOL. Kinda fun coz who knows someone might quote back me, hurhur bajet. CNY is coming real soon, somehow didn't get much of the feel of it yet -_- But I did my shopping already. Sigh, another month is going by soon. Sobs.

Update #2

Domo Kun is super cuteeeee loh :D

Disclaimer : I don't own the picture above :)

So, I still haven't fix my external hard disk :( So, I'm not on the spree to upload mass pictures yet you know. Anyhow, I went to undang class on 6th Jan, I just have this thing for dates, I told you XD. Surprisingly, I saw Jih Dar there! Oh oh, so happy LOL. Then I passed the test on 15th, last Saturday. Weeee. I super scared I will fail, but thank God I did not :D I'd be taking the 6 hours kursus this Saturday alone :( Super sad. ALONE, you know? Lols, anyhow. I've kinda done my CNY shopping. :) Have you?

Wall Joint - Reminder

Going for the Prayer Camp at The Wall was truly an amazing experience. I learned lots of things form this camp. Firstly, I learned how we can hear God's voice when He speaks to us. It was really hard because I learned that it is not easy to hear God's voice if you don't really focus in God even when He speaks to us. So, I know that if we want to hear God's voice we have to press on and urge until we can do it. Another thing I learned is that the fact children are really powerful. This is because God had a plan for every child even before they are born. For example, Jeremiah was acknowledged by God that before God form Jeremiah in his mother's womb God already knew him. This can be found in Jeremiah 1 verse 5. Another fact is that there is no age limit to be used by God. Besides, God said that children are precious and are like arrows. One of the most interesting things I also learned in this camp is that we children can stand in the gap for the nations building the wall for them. To stand in the gap, we have to be an arrow. Every part of the arrow represents something. The head represents our prayer. Without the head, an arrow does nothing because we need the head to attack our enemy. This is the same as we need prayer so that we can always go against Satan. The shaft represents our life. The shaft is also very important as without the shaft there is nothing we can do with the head and feathers. Our life is very precious. We need it and we have to treasure it because it is a gift from God. We need it because we have to preach and pray for the nations. The feather represents our direction. People need feather to aim at their enemy. So, we need directions too but we ask the directions from God. I also learned that we had to prepare the way for God. We are the chosen generation. So, we had to prepare the way for God. We must decrease and He increase. We have to purify our heart, have unity, recognize that it is God's house and glory is there, we have to get out of the way. This is how we prepare the way for God. Lastly, I learned about spiritual warfare. We had the authority to use the Holy Spirit that God had given to us. Authority means receive and warfare means do. About the Children at Risk Day (CAR), it was truly awesome. God had really touched my heart that day. The sympathy for the children was in my heart. I was really fortunate that I have parents and things that other children don't have. I and my friends Jan and Kendrick were in charge of doing the posters for South America. We were doing posters of children taking drugs and gangster children. I learned that children why take drugs and why children are so gangster now a days is because they feel very lonely because they had parents that does not care for them. I am really sad for them and I hope one day I can help children like them. This is what I learned in the camp and I really enjoyed myself there. I want to express my thank you here to everyone in the camp. Aunty Aly, Aunty Lei Wah, Eunice, Ian, Jan, Shaun, Lester and the other campers. Thank you very much. I really enjoyed myself in this camp. It was marvelous and magnificent. I hope that I can go to this camp once more and that I will learn more things.


I wrote that on 26.6.05. Almost six years ago. I was cleaning my bookshelf when I found this and read it. Six years, that was when I was twelve. The Wall Joint Camp - this camp, particularly made a huge impact in my life. I was so happy and blessed and honoured also, because I get to be a part of something big. We had gatherings, follow-ups, and even prayer online and even a website(link)! My, I guess I was really in fire for God. But just went missing without me realizing. Now, looking and thinking back, I've really experienced God in the camp, which was very very real, even to a point I actually feel/saw angels. I really could testify of His presence and it was no wonder we were really on fire because we all did get touched from Him.

Over the years as a teen, I struggled so much with my emotions and feelings. I feel very timid at many times when I was a kid, because I was different. Different as in because I am tomboy-ish and frequently received (and accepted) insults from peers and the others because I mix (alot) with boys and I don't wear dress/skirts. Lol. Stereotypes existed since the existence of humanity perhaps? Lol. But I guess (I didn't realized) what makes me bolder today is because of the encouragement that I receive from youths at that time, particularly Eunice who encouraged me a lot. And the encouragements I received had brought me to be a bolder person, not just in the area of serving Him but also in the practical ways of life. I really find joy in being part of YPF, serving in YPF and just building relationships with everyone in YPF. YPF is a small group but over the years, I do see the fruits (and more soon!). And even as this year is going to be a new chapter in my life, I believe something exciting is awaiting for me in this journey.

There are so many things I wished to say, I wished to tell but I just can't because it's an open space here. I don't wanna go posting all the personal stuffs up here in public..


Ini bukan masa emosi pun..cuma....segala-galanya telah berubah. Pedihnya hatiku setiap kali kau mengeluarkan kata-kata bisa. Kata-kata yang melukakan hati orang yang berada disisimu. Yang tidak pernah mengalah dan berjuang untukmu. Tapi kau tidak menyedarinya..engkau tidak sedar, aku tidak boleh menyalahkanmu juga. Engkau yang tidak suka mereka, telah menjadi seperti mereka. Dan aku tidak mahu membenci kau. Aku juga tidak mahu tidak suka kepada engkau. Aku tidak mahu menjadi seperti mu...

Domo and Danbo

I miss the snow in Korea :(

And I wanna build a snowman with my friends :(

I do not own the pictures above :)

Coke Cans #1

I found this picture by a fan at the Coca-Cola Facebook. Super cool weih! I wished I have all these in my collection T^T. I only have a Coca-Cola Blak from Paris. :( :( :( Oh well D:

Picture Credits : Sandro Savorgnani

Update #1

So right, at the moment I don't feel like blogging. I've been using unifi for quite sometime now. Uploading, downloading and streaming anything should be fast :) I wasn't on the comp for awhile but mum just bought a wireless usb so I can go online using the comp now. However, my external hard disk is currently dying and I haven't fix it. :( Uber sad uber sad. My pictures..sigh. That also explains why I haven't been updating about YPF Retreat 2010, Christmas and my trip to Korea.

Anyhow I'm really into Bruno Mars currently XD. The singer-songwriter who climbed to fame last year was much related to be the next MJ. Well, no one can replace MJ. But I've been listening to some of his songs, and kinda like it :D Not all but most of them. Hehehe. So, just sharing with you guys :)


Hi people! I'm back from Korea :DDDD since Sunday midnight actually. I really want to update my blog and what not but I'm facing a crisis with my external hard disk. It's saddening and I'm serious! It IS a crisis, I'm not exaggerating :(. It's kinda like dying and I have like more than 10k pictures inside..soooo. I'm like darn emo right now D:

Pfft. Anyhow, Korea was fun weih! Wait till I fix things up first though :( Andddd, I'm itching all over from the weather changes -_-; Skin didn't peel though but I'm having like rashes. Gargh. Very annoying.

Anyhow again, it's holiday for me! Finally I can breathe.. and gonna start to learn driving soon.

See you soon :D