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YPF Sisters' Night

Last Saturday, the girls of YPF were treated as princesses. All gentlemen from YPF planned the night for the ladies of YPF. And of course, most of us dressed to the occasion. The guys did a very very good job in creating a very romantic ambiance with the decorations and lightings. They even lighted up all the candles and place them at both side of the staircase. Awww, but I didn't take picture of it D: -_-;

Anyway, this is just a brief update so just pictures and in random order :)

Hurts and

About a month ago, I came across this website and found out some interesting stuffs going around the site. There's also a column for contests, which is about all the contest that is having at the moment. Well, I decided to take my first try in entering their contest and I was so surprised when they announced me as winner for their Hurts Contest.

Well, the contest was to describe my most hurtful experience in the most creative way. So, I was really surprised. If you wanna know what I write, just tell me or drop a message :P. Hahaha.

So anyway, I went and collect my Hurts Presentation Box on Tuesday with my mum at The Boulevard, Mid Valley. The office is easy to find and not really secluded unlike Sony's office x_x" It's really hard to find you know. Anyway...

The Presentation Box is a black leather-finish box embossed with the Hurts logo which contains Happiness (the duo's album), a booklet with images and biography, and Theo's t…

Smokehouse, Bangsar (Jalan Telawi 3)

Well, the family went to Smokehouse at Bangsar to celebrate Ruhwey's birthday in advance last Sunday. It's just next to Madam Kwans, quite easy to find I would say. Good ambiance, very quiet my dad's favourite. He dislikes noise very much, at least in restaurants.

Elder sister, Joynn found out about this place and suggested it. It has a rather nice interior and a romantic, serene environment. Reason why we picked this place was because we also wanted to surprised my mum since my parents' anniversary was around the corner, which is today 20102010. How special! It's their 20th wedding anniversary today. Cool.

We ordered a mango cheesecake for Ruhwey. I'd still prefer my strawberry cheesecake muahaha. We no longer buy cakes from Secret Recipe now, because it's pricey and we're bored of it already x_x"

Deviled Chicken, Ruh ordered this. -_-; What a name XD. Something like oriental-sauced chicken. Well, I think it's oranged in colour, I can't se…

Happy birthday Pembajet No1#

Well, I don't have time to blog about Ruh's birthday celebration on Sunday just yet. I'd probably blog about it tomorrow. Here's a birthday shout out to my younger sister, the annoying one. XD

Hai, Happy birthday Ruhwey.  STOP ANNOYING ME D:

Long long ago.

Yes, I know I'm sooooooooooo CUUUUUUTEEEEEEEEEEEEE



Well, sometimes the people that are not blood related to you yet they are the closest to you turns out to be the worst enemy you have. Or..hypocrites. Uh, whatever. I know I've made my point. And honestly having toys are better than having friends that.. ya know, back stabs. Have the gut to tell it to my face when you show it duh. Applauses for you, for indeed you're one of a kind. Well, one of a kind is plentiful as it's always easier for a pair than four-of-a-kind in poker. Hahaha.

Sushi Zanmai

I'm a sucker for Japanese food especially sushi. I love Japanese food a lot a lot. Would want to go to Japan one day.

Sushi Zanmai is one of the best Japanese restaurant I've went to. It serves good fresh Japanese food and also have one of the best customer service. Of course, you paid for the service tax but it's also how efficient the workers are. Usually, there would be a queue on weekends but fret not, you wouldn't have to wait more than 15 minutes. Previously, I've written a blog post on Sushi Zanmai before, here.

Sushi Zanmai now is having promotion on certain item and I so happen went there with my mum and sister last Saturday at Mid Valley after much shopping :x hehehe.

The thirst remover - green tea :) @ RM1 and refillable, awesomeness.

My mum ordered Collagen Kimuchi Nabe(the name of the dish above). Inside it : leeks, mushroom and other veggies. It's like kimchi miso soup. Very tasty and sweet.

The ingredients for the nabe. :D Colagen Kimuchi Nabe is o…


What an auspicious day! 10/10/10
Me likes this picture. Super macro.
It's a chewing gum (apparently a lot of people thought it looks like condom -___-)  I like how the "5" looks like the Channel 5 in Mediacorp.
P/s : Anyone going for any wedding dinner tonight? :P

Nicol David

The only athlete I really look up to is Nicol David. She's done it again. Indeed she's the Queen of Queens (as The Star paper had put it). She bagged the gold medal for squash in Commonwealth games and she'd nailed it too if only squash was in the Olympics. Oh wells, these are the things that make me proud as a Malaysian. xD.

Well, learn to take pride in little things (probably because we don't have many "big things" to be proud of =.=) I like telling people in poker when they ask me :

You Chinese?  Yes, I am..But I live in Malaysia. Huh? What you mean? I'm a Chinese and I live in Malaysia. There's a whole lotta other people here too. Diversity in Malaysia is amazing. We have the Malays, the Indians and other ethnics in Malaysia.  Oh, that's cool. It is ! :)