My Water Moments

I'm your biggest fan
I'll follow until you love me
But we're not papa-paparazzi!

I'm sure we're no paparazzi but we all have at least a handy camera to serve us quite well under normal circumstances. ;)


If you've been browsing through blogs, you'd notice this advert on Nuffnangers' blogs:                                                                    

This advert on Sony TX5 keep popping up on many Nuffnangers' blogs and I'm sure you noticed and clicked on the advert out of curiousity. Well, at least I did o_o"



I found out that this Sony TX5 have many uber cool features, making the camera so stylo milo and I bet everyone wants to get their hands on this sexay camera.

One of the main highlights of this sexay camera is that it's water-proof. I mean, heck I never had a camera that's water-proof, this is super cool T_T

Well, it's very handy to have a water-proof camera because I have crazy aquatic friends (they have a certain kind of love for water) that does things for no reason :


*no comment.*


Random sabotage.
Again, I say I have crazy aquatic friends. I don't know what they would do. D:


If I suddenly lost my balance -_-;;; ... I'm gonna drop my mother's RM 1k inside the pool!
I'll kill my friend first, then kill myself T_T.

Not to forget, I have friends who are quite 'HELPFUL' also.
They play play play..and forget about me =(

Bet this picture would look uber cool if I took this in the water from underwater upwards. Woohoo.
If only I have a water-proof cam T_T


So 'nice' of them. Ask me to take picture while they have all the fun T_T. 

I'm a good kind soul you see. I think of others. HAHAHA.
If and only if I have Sony TX5, I can enjoy MY water moments even while helping others take pictures. 
Dunnid to tumpang joy anymore.
I'd be glad to happily snap away while playing :) Killing 2 birds with 1 stone a'ye?
Also, I won't have water phobia anymore as long as I have this weapon with me! 

Other highlights of Sony TX5 includes : Temperature-proof - like this.

feeling under the weather in cold conditions? o_o

The sexay Sony TX5 can be used in harsh weather conditions, up to –10ºC . Amazing.
*hallelujah song in the background*

The others would be :
and plenty more other features, you'd be amazed what this sexay cam can do :)

Since there's so many proof proof proof.
Perhaps the next coolest Sony feature would be ugly-proof? o_o?

Anyhoots, you can peep at this sexay cam @ Sony's website - DSC-TX5

I want want want want want this camera soooooo badly. Want to show off to everyone I have a new baby.
Way better than those DSLR *envies cause I don't have one*. Hahahaha.

I'm so excited that I have even plan to name it already : BB CAM CAM
Short form - BBCC. or (BC)²
Lol O:

And this is my golden chance to win it if I'm favoured by Nuffnang!
Hope to get this from them!!!


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